Nonprofit Interview: RISE Up!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tracy Malbrough who is the founder of the nonprofit RISE Up Youth Empowerment based in Los Angeles, California.As I’m preparing for my mentor program to be a nonprofit, I’ve been interested in fairly new nonprofits ran by women all over the world. I like to see women with similar goals making a difference in their community.

Please read through the interview I had with Tracy and check out the different links for her nonprofit:

Rise up
Ashley: When was RISE Up founded?
Tracy M: RISE Up was founded November 10, 2010 

Ashley: Why did you want to start your own non-profit?
Tracy M: I started RISE Up Youth Empowerment because I always had a passion for working with the youth, and because it’s definitely needed in our communities to prevent gang involvement, drug use, crimes, teen pregnancy, and school drop out. During my years working in the social service field, I encountered many teens dealing with issues such as self esteem, abandonment, lack of guidance and broken homes etc. I always knew I would start RISE Up because God placed it in my heart many years ago and it began to tug at my spirit therefore, I stepped out and went forth with the vision

Ashley: How do you get parents/guardians and their girls interested about your non-profit? 
Tracy M: As a fairly new organization we are still honing in on techniques to get girls and parents involved. However, utilizing social media, church, family, friends, and colleagues to spread the word has helped tremendously. We also reach out to schools, group homes and community agencies by posting flyers. Offering free workshops to our teens is also another way to keep parents interested in our organization. 

Ashley: How often does RISE Up offer workshops?
Tracy M: At this time RISE Up only offers monthly workshops. Weekly workshops will be added soon.
Ashley: What are some of the challenges of operating your own non-profit org?

Tracy M: Some of the challenges of operating a non-profit are finding funds, getting teens to stay consistent with attending the workshops regularly, recruiting volunteer and mentors.

Ashley:  Who helped you along the way?

Tracy M: I received help from family, friends and colleagues who gave their time, advice, funds, or encouragement. I also have a mentor who really gave me some advice and guidance which helped me step out on faith to start RISE Up. 

Ashley: How effective do you think mentoring programs similar to your own have on difference on communities?

Tracy M: I believe mentoring programs are effective in many communities. It serves as a safety net between home and school, which allows youth to be encouraged, motivated, and inspired. Mentoring programs serves as a support group to help youth stay focused on reaching their goals and guide them in a positive direction which will build their self esteem.

Ashley: What do the girls enjoy the most about RISE Up?
Tracy M: The girls at RISE definitely enjoy our outings and activities. However, the girls are also interested in our workshops which helps them make better choices. They also enjoy meeting celebrities who come speak to them about achieving their goals. 
Ashley: What would be your advice to those looking to give back to their community but don’t know how or where to start?
Tracy M: If you’re interested in giving back to your community, seek what best fits your interests and visit your local community centers, churches, Sheriffs departments, and parks. Do an internet search on mentoring programs in your area. You can give back in many ways donating your time, money,clothing, food, school supplies, just to name a few. 
Ashley: What advice would you give those who are trying to start a non-profit in their community for youth?
Tracy M: Have a love and passion for youth. Determine the needs by researching areas that will benefit the youth in the community. Develop relationships with local community leaders to help establish a solid network. Prayer works! 
Last comments from Tracy M: Starting a mentoring program or any program regarding youth takes courage, leadership skills, and the ability to adapt to any situation. Sometimes things will not go exactly as planned however, stay committed and consistent is key. Also, make sure your program measure outcomes/results of the success of the youth involved in your program.
RISE Up website:
I hope to be able to work with RISE Up in the near future, and hopefully collaborate with Tracy on a few projects. I believe in programs whether nonprofit or not working together and having unity. Being an example comes in all shapes and forms. Only a fool would decline help, and fresh ideas. I really appreciate Tracy taking the time out to do this interview with me.
-Ashley N.

3 thoughts on “Nonprofit Interview: RISE Up!

  1. lisa.stringer says:

    What an awesome interview Tracy. Our communities need more willing spirits like yourself. It is definitely a calling on ones life to deal with the youth of today. May God continue to rise up in you and take your program to higher levels. Much success cousin and God bless.

  2. riseupyouth says:

    Thank you Ashley for including RISE UP Youth in your blog. I look forward to working with you soon. Thank you Lisa for your support.

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