1st Annual Profit With A Purpose Essay Contest Recipient

If you follow us on TWITTER and FACEBOOK you know today was the day that I presented the award and gift card to our recipient Corie. She didn’t have a clue what was really going on. After I presented her gifts in a nice gift bag, her AVID Senior classmates applaud & congratulated her. She then gave me a hug. So sweet šŸ™‚

I spoke a little about my mentoring program for girls, and they seemed very interested in it (10 girls in the class at the time). I handed out a few of my business cards so that they could contact me about their interest in signing up and doing community service.

I then later got the chance to speak to my former AVID teacher Mr. Varney about my ideas and my plans. He said he was very proud of me. He then shared some insight of the needs of the students/youth in our community. What he would like to see (Which was part of the essay question for the students “What changes would you like to see”). He then asked if I was interested in CPS (Child Protective Services). I had never thought about it. I do plan on getting my Masters soon, and hopefully my P.H.d
When I dream, I dream big. Although I tend to doubt myself from time to time, I’ve never NOT finish something that I started. I’ve never NOT stopped dreaming and writing out my goals because of my circumstances.

My actions speak louder than words, and that is more than perfect enough for me. All in all, I plan on making this an annual thing for the AVID Seniors. I was up in the air about it, but I think everything that I have in mind is my calling. With that being said, thank you to those that donated to this cause, we really appreciate it.

I have a project in mind that I plan on sharing with you all soon. Pictures of today’s event will be posted soon šŸ™‚

-Ashley N.

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