Mentoring Monday…

Getting to know Shalee: I had the pleasure of interviewing Shalee recently. She’s a recent college graduate from UNC at Greensboro, who mentors, and tutors youth in her community. She’s an individual youth activist. She majored in Sociology/Criminology and minored in African American Studies. She was a member and secretary of the African American Studies Club. Also a member of Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honor Society. In her hometown she’s a member of the Power House Prayer Team, where they pray, feed the homeless and hungry and provide for those in need.

Check out our one-on-one interview:
Ashley: Do you mentor boys & girls?
I mentor both girls and boys

Ashley: What are the ages?
Usually around the ages of 11 and older (it varies).

Ashley: When mentoring, what common issues are brought to your attention?
Some of the common issues are staying out of trouble/wanting to be a part of the street life.

Ashley: Do you do one-on-one mentoring or group?
I usually do one on one mentoring sometimes through Facebook messaging and face to face while tutoring.

Ashley: What made you want to give back & tutor/mentor in your community?
I wanted to give back to community because I look around and see many kids with potential having no one to look up to or to encourage them to be he best that they can be. Even though some have gotten caught up in the fast life they are very smart individuals with some much potential if leading the right direction.

Ashley: As a leader/mentor: what advice would you give other leaders/mentors?
Shalee:  As a leader/mentor I would offer the advice of being true to who you are 100% first and foremost. Honesty with your mentees is very important because it develops trust. Also, be determined and focused on your goals, which is to help others. Be consistent in your work and never give up on them.

Ashley: What would you say are the key points of mentoring?
Shalee: The key points of mentoring would be: honesty, willingness, and being a pusher 

Ashley: Have you ever thought about working for a nonprofit org. that caters to the youth?
Shalee: Yes, I have thought about working for a non profit that caters to the youth. I would love to definitely be a part of that!

Check out her website:
Follower her on Twitter:

-Ashley N.

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