10 Ways Teens Can Keep Busy During The Summer…

1. Read: Go to your local public library & check out a book of your choice. You may want to check out a few just in case you can’t make it back within a few days or week in order to exchange & check out other books.
2. Study: If you’re close to your states age requirement for a earning your drivers permit/license use this time to study!!! Go to the nearest DMV & get yourself a handbook 🙂
3. DIY (Do It Yourself): try recreating, or putting something together rather than asking your parents to buy it. If you need ideas, search on Youtube for videos that will give you step-by-step.
4. Outdoor Activities: Swimming, painting (picture, fence, a big rock, etc) having fun at the park or wash your parents car! You may be rewarded 🙂
5. Research Colleges: This can go for all age groups. You can never start too soon. Use your time wisely when you’re on the Internet. You can request more information be sent to your house regarding the college you may want to attend in the future. Or you can make a pros & cons list of schools you’re looking at.
6. Look For a Mentor: Look for someone that inspires you, and can guide you with your goals. It’s usually someone that has achieved something you want to achieve, has  knowledge in something you want to do. This person can give you advice, listens to you, & prep you for different things & your cheerleader!

7. Give Back: Community service. Find a program or organization where you can contribute your time to. If your church has a Clothes Closet-Food Bank for those who are in need in your community, volunteer there. You can also check to see if there’s a local Boys & Girls Club located near you. Or search on Facebook (which seems like the most popular place) to search for local orgs/programs in your area (big or small).
8. Scavenger Hunt: You can do this with friends , family, siblings or solo. You can make a list of things for a group to look around the house & outside for those items. If it’s a solo hunt, you can look online for a list of items so that you could search for them in your area/house.
9. Sleep Over: Ask your parents if you could have a small sleep over with a few of your friends that you’re close to. Use that time to catch up & bond & stay up late.
10.Write: If you don’t have a diary/journal start one. If you have one, start writing again. About anything, everything. Writing about how you feel, goals, your day allows you to make be aware of how YOU feel, and possibly communicate better with others.

I hope you find this useful!
If you have any questions, please email us at MentoringYG@gmail.com

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