My Journey to Success: Blending One Color at a Time

“Jolisa, we would love to have you apart of our team, you are hired for the position and I would like to welcome you to our company!” 
            As I woke up from my dream, I then knew that one day my dreams would soon become a reality. Growing up, I always wondered what my talents were.  I attempted to sing, play basketball for years, learn the keyboard, write plays, but with the pressure to find out what it is that I am good at, I realized that one day, the gift that God has given me would one day show itself. 
            Attending college and obtaining a degree was no option in my life. It was imperative that I enroll in a University immediately following my graduation from high school and pursue a career in the medical field.  Upon my second quarter of college, I realized that studying pre-medicine and pursuing the necessary degree to become a Pediatrician was not what I had intended it to be. Although I had loved the idea of working with children, I realized being in a hospital setting was not the appropriate career choice for me.  It was at that moment, that I realized I wanted to use my interest of beauty and makeup to pursue a degree that could be beneficial within that realm of such a growing industry. I finally came to the conclusion that with a degree in Psychology, I would be able to continue to mentor and provide therapy to children in a setting where I could reach out to the community, while also using it within the beauty industry.
            Upon taking various Psychology classes, the topics of self-esteem and confidence began to play a role in my life.  I began to use my passion of makeup artistry and take it to the next level.  By that, I would volunteer to do makeup around my campus as a way to make women feel beautiful.  I wanted to provide a service that I enjoyed to be able to make other feel good about themselves.  With much practice, support and prayer, I had finally realized what my talent was.  God gave me the gift of makeup artistry! 
            Society always says “practice makes perfect” and I hold that quote close to my heart.  While attending school, I realized how much I loved makeup artistry and wanted to pursue a job within that field.  Like most makeup lovers, I knew that I wanted to work for MAC Cosmetics.  I knew that was the job for me because I loved people and I loved makeup.  With having this dream job in my mind, I began to focus and work hard at obtaining a position with this company.  I would continuously practice makeup on friends, network within the University, and most importantly, practice on myself.  I would take pictures of every makeup look and presented my work in a portfolio for future clients.  With much time and practice with perfecting my craft, I felt that I was ready to work for one of the best cosmetic companies in the world.
            My first attempt at applying to MAC, I was told that they were not hiring, but I could bring in a resume. Although I was nervous, I was determined to get a job with this company. The next time I walked into the store, I brought my portfolio and my resume, the manager then gave me an application form and at that moment I was so excited to have made it to the next step; however, what I thought was the next step, was just merely a tease.
            For 2 years, I was persistent in applying and bringing various MAC locations my resume.  I would often receive the same response from all locations, but I did not let that tear me down. I would bring in multiple resumes, talk to different workers and managers; however, I felt that I was getting nowhere.  I knew I wanted this job but I did not know it would have been so difficult. Throughout this process, multiple people told me about the difficult hiring process MAC has and that it would take me awhile to get in the company.  With having God on my side, I knew that I could not let negativity over take my mind and that I just needed to remain focused on accomplishing my dream job.  With receiving much feedback, I realized that it was imperative that I push myself to accomplish my goal because I had so many people watching and waiting as well and I did not want to let them down.
            The time finally came for my college graduation, and I still was not working for MAC.  I was starting to get depressed and question whether this was really the field for me. I would seek God and ask for guidance and for that one door to open up.  I began to think, “maybe I should just pursue psychology and just do makeup for fun”, but I knew that wasn’t my final decision and I just could not give up so easily.
            With graduating, I had to move back home. I was unemployed for 6 months and was still trying to apply to MAC in surrounding areas so that I could move.  I also began to put in multiple applications to various jobs, some that I knew I would not enjoy working, but at that point in my life, I was desperate to settle for any employment. While I was busy stressing,  I now know that God was busy putting my plan together.
            In September 2011, I received a call to interview for a job within the psychology department.  Unfortunately, I was not “qualified” enough for the position. After attending the interview, I decided to finally go into the MAC location in my hometown.  I had no intention on dropping off a resume but a little voice inside told me to go home print my information and head to the counter.  I went to the counter, asked for a manager and provided my information.  At that moment the assistant manager says, “ I am the assistant is there anything I can do?” I handed her my resume and as she looked at it, she was very pleased with my presentation. She then asked me “ are you available for an interview next Friday? “ At that moment I just began to pray that God work out this job, especially because it was only 10 minutes from my home.  After 2 years of trying to get this job, I had finally obtained an interview.
            My interview was a success and I was asked to continue on with the process however, it was taking awhile to hear back from management. I then decided to go to another location about 40 minutes from my home and apply as well.  When I say everything happens at the right time, it truly does. Within a month, after going to both locations in that area multiple times, I had received an interview. By December 2011, I was HIRED with MAC Cosmetics!!!!! The joy I had was indescribable.  To finally work for a company I had been trying to work for since I was in my 3rd year of college.
            Now that I had received the position of a freelancer, I was told that permanent positions are hard to come by within the company. After only being a freelancer for one MONTH, I was hired as a permanent employee with MAC cosmetics.  The feeling that I had was an overbearing joy. I cried tears of happiness as I signed my papers and was proud of myself that I did NOT give up! I stuck out through the stress, negativity, the turn downs, etc and at last, I had received a job which I wanted and I did not have to settle.
            Six months later, I am still pursuing my dreams by working my dream job and steadily growing within the industry. Although I will always have my Psychology degree as a backup plan, I am much happier pursuing a career where I can help the women within the community feel good about themselves.  My story of persistence, dedication, and having faith has brought me to where I am now.  Set a goal for yourself and accomplish that goal.  Pursue your dreams and never give up.  A word I live by from someone I adore and really look up to and keeps me going is “Never Say Never”-Justin Beiber. Never doubt yourself and never allow others to tell you that you can’t. I am now doing something I love and that is changing the lives of women, blending one color at a time.
By: Jolisa Jackson

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