Be Active and Healthy

Our energy is needed for the changing of this world, but… you
knew that, right?

To introduce myself, I’m a new college freshman. And being
on campus is probably the best overwhelming feeling I’ve ever
felt. There are so many things to do here! As an active high
schooler, I naturally want to continue to do everything but…
my brakes are pumped for a minute. While I love the feeling of
getting involved, being social, and reaching out, I do not love
the burnt out feeling; I can say to you all today… I’ve experienced both to the extreme.

Whether you are a young woman in high school, college, or
even in younger years – that’s naturally active, or want to learn
ways to start getting involved – here’s a few tips to maintain the balance of giving back to your community and being active, and maintaining healthiness – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually:

• Set a goal! We seem to be the most productive and efficient at getting things done when we’re
working towards something. Set a goal and even a few subgoals; you can reach all of them in
DUE time; it may not always be reached by the time YOU planned it, but keep working towards it; you’ll get there.
• Become a part of another organization. Find activities and initiatives that you are actually
interested in! Nothing can burn you out faster than being a part of something that isn’t of
interest; it’s difficult to be passionate about something that just isn’t real to you.
• You can always start something. Sometimes our ideas are a little intimidating and/or
unorganized, but the beauty of our ideas is that each one is unique in some way. Starting your
own project is an exercise in leadership, teamwork, and outreach. Organizing your ideas aren’t
always as hectic as it seems to be, find someone that can support you, do research, and build.
• Calendars are the managers. Time management is everything. Do not double book yourself;
commitment and being dependable gets your far. Also, double booking and not having enough
time can cause you to not complete your job effectively. We want to be able to deliver to the
best of our ability, so remember that it’s always quality (how well and thorough you are in your
work ethic) before quantity (how many jobs you take on).
• Network! Most organizations love partnerships. Meet other coordinators and directors, learn
from them, ask questions, seek out the common goals between yourself and that organization
and/or person. People are the building blocks; know them!
• Community can be your biggest fan and resource. An organization doesn’t run on it’s own;
even slighter, a vision doesn’t sprout on it’s own. Community will be your support system, whether that community is determined by proximity in location, goals, relationships, et cetera. Your new members and staff will be from your community, as will your tools for growth and expansion. Somebody know’s somebody somewhere! Your community is a network in itself – actually, your primary network.

•Submerge in + energy! Standing
for a cause can be energy
consuming and sometimes goes
awry when planning isn’t
implemented productively. But as
long as you have partners and
friends that fill your space with
positive energy, people that can
deliver, and supply uplifting
thoughts, you should be good!
Positive energy is essential to
daily life, let alone organizing
something; keep some good

•Do not say yes to everything! Ladies, we need not be burnt out. Who can we help if we don’t
have the energy to do so? Remember, calendars are the managers.

•Be aware of your entire person-hood and the fine print. Don’t squeeze things in for the the sake
of it. You are still a student, a sister to someone, someone’s daughter, your own self; you still
need to sleep, and eat, have fun, prioritize ‘me time’, and be human and healthy! Remember
that, and take it into deep consideration when working and scheduling.

•Drink water, cleanse, and exercise. Keep your body healthy. The healthiness of your mind and
good deeds only go as far as how cleansed your body is. We don’t want filth in our minds, keep
it out of our bodies, too.

•Reimburse yourself. For me, it’s prayer. Find anything you can to get back in touch with the
foundation of your self, your faith, your goals, your energy, your motivation.

I’m always available for any
clarifying question, follow up
conversations, support, as a
resource; anything at all, really.
I use myself to serve, and am
here for anyone.

Your sister,
Amani Breanna
@breannaoutcheaa – twitter

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