Pregnancy: Don’t Lose Focus of Your Education…

“Eighteen and 19-year-olds – i.e., college age women – account for two-thirds of all those pregnancies. In one Virginia study, 24% of college women will become pregnant at some point during their college careers. In 2009, Utah women’s graduation rates were 6 percent below the rate of Utah men, and 2% below the national average of women.” ( Adults).

According to an article by writer Jackie Burrell, titled “ Teen Pregnancy Rates and Sexual Activity Statistics”, too many young women are enrolling in college with high hopes and big dreams, but unfortunately dropping out with unexpected pregnancies and even mental illnesses. For example, many female students become attracted to their male peers and fantasize about possible futures with these men and in doing so they lose sight of their studies and focus on their boyfriends. It must be understood that most young men in college are in the prime of their “wild” life experiences. College men tend to look forward to having crazy fun such as sleeping with as many girls as they like and partying every night where as college women uphold fairytales of finding a possible fiance.
Too many times, I have seen intelligent and confident women gain independence while living in the dorms or living off campus and then fall into the stigma of “playing house” and lose some amount of confidence because they are trying too hard to hook those possible husbands. Again, college men are not looking for wives, they are looking forward to having fun and doing their own thing. Everyday, a young girl loses sight of her academic goals because she is working and using her financial aid (even her parents’ money) to cook and feed some man she claims to be in love with. YOUR PARENTS ARE NOT SACRIFICING AND PAYING SCHOOL LOANS FOR YOU TO SUPPORT A MAN, they are working to prepare you for life in the REAL WORLD.

As a woman, I agree that when you fall for someone, you want to have him over your parent-free place and cater to him, but there is a thin line between doing nice things for your boyfriend and “providing” for him. The life of any student is not cheap nor easy which is why if you’re not careful a man or even friends will use you for your resources. Resources include your transportation which helps them get around town to the parties or even your groceries.

Overall ladies, my message to you all is that socially, college is no joke. If you thought high school had its typical drama or peer pressure, you were wrong. Being away at college involves you being away from your foundation and comfort zones at home. I guarantee your morals, beliefs and individuality will be tested. College is a step up from high school but it can also be a dangerous step if you do not prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. In the midst of partying and mingling with peers, you will find that peer pressure is more apparent than ever. The supposed fabulous social life of sorority girls may influence you do engage in immoral activities or the constant partying with men can result in unprotected sex or even alcohol-influenced sex, which is a form of rape considering that your incompetence.

You must remember who you are as a person and where you draw the line between being social and being used. Remind yourself of the hard work you and your love ones completed just for you to make it into college. DON’T JEOPARDIZE all those efforts. Yes college is about having new experiences and having fun, but you don’t want to do anything that you may regret in the future. Your years in college can make or break your future. For instance, whether you slide through college with Cs or get straight As, employers who require a degree will view your official transcripts which will say a lot about just how “responsible and reliable” you were during your academic career. Graduate college as a mature and independent leader, not bitter and depressed because you’ve been used and hurt by others you blindly trusted.

Dominique English (MYGirls Event Coordinator)

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