Homework Help: The Student & Parent Must Work Together…

Well hello there parents, teachers, students, mentors & you other awesome individuals. Some of you may not know that I work with kids after school aside from the girls I mentor through our program Mentoring Young Girls. It was brought to my attention this school year that there seems to be a disconnection between the parent & child when it comes to homework. I’ve come across a few parents that think others should assist their child when it comes to homework. Key words: HOME WORK. It’s work for home folks. Therefore, parents take the steps to make sure your child comprehending their work, working on the penmanship (making sure others can read their handwriting), & accomplishing it.

Yes, the teacher is there to TEACH your child. But it is your job to make sure that they follow through & really get the best out of their education no matter what school they attend.

I recently contacted a friend of mine who is a teacher. I asked her a few questions regarding this topic. She has came up with tips & suggestions that can help you the parent & child have a better relationship when it comes to homework.

Here are a few of my suggestions when it comes to helping your child when it comes to homework:

-If your child is struggling ask the teacher how can your child (their student) find other ways to get help
-Tutors: hire a college student to tutor your child, or research tutoring agencies/programs
-Have your child show you what their working on
-Weekend homework: make it fun & enjoyable parents. Find ways to
-Get involved: speak to their teacher(s) see what their learning & where your child is at academically.

ED Gov stated ways you can improve your children’s education is by:

-reading together
-schedule homework time
-keep in touch with the school
-use community resources

Stay tuned for a guest post here this week regarding tips & suggestions when it comes to tackling homework.

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