Operation Holiday Give Back: Girl Group Homes & Women Shelters…

Here we are another year! Blessed to be here & able to help & support others. This December would have been our 2nd Annual Holiday Clothes Drive. We have decided to reach out to different girl group homes as well as women shelters who are in need of clothing in the Inland Empire area (Southern Cali).

We have boxes of clothes from our personal closets as well as from our previous drive. We do not want these items to go to waste.

If you would like to contribute, contact us. This year we will not be handling the clothing as we have done previously, but we will give you all the information you may need to donate to different organizations we plan on helping out.

If you’re in the Inland Empire & know of a girls group home or shelter that could use clothing, please email us: MentoringYG@gmail.com 

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"Love: The Blindside" by @InglewoodDiva


Love is a beautiful thing. Love is a blessing, providing the “warm & fuzzy” feeling inside that we always talk about. Love is a goal, that happy hearts cherish when accomplished, and heavy hearts long for when dropped out of the race. Love is everything that your parents display (if/when together), that your friends show (which may make you a little jealous, even if it’s puppy love), that music audibly expresses (when R&B was popular). Love is indeed beautiful song, with sultry sound.

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