2014 Dear Younger Me Campaign: FAQs


We’ve received different questions regarding our 2014 Campaign: Dear Younger Me (DYM) and we’re excited you’re curious about it!

-What’s the point of writing a letter to my younger me?

Sharing your open letter with others builds courage. It’s really a selfless action when you think about it. It can provide an outlet for discussions that may not occur any other time because you may be not want to share something like this with those close to you. It also allows you to reflect on your past and see the progress you’ve made since then. Great right!?

-What’s the campaign about?

This campaign was provided to offer a platform for women from all walks of life, ages, races, regions and so forth to share their story through their personal letter. It will allow us to connect with one another on a personal level if that is something you desire and would like to get out of this. Sharing your struggles, setbacks, downfalls, issues, great memories, lessons learned that will encourage younger girls or other women is what this is all about. Do you have the courage to set yourself free from your past? Are you willing to encourage a young girl to wait? Are you willing to stand up for what you believe in now in order to motivate someone else?

-How can I participate?

Go to our original post 2014 Campaign: Dear Younger Me and leave your information in the box where it asks you if you’re interested in participating in our campaign. [Below is an EXAMPLE of what it will look like. It is NOT the actual space but a photo].


Have any other questions, please leave them below in the reply box or you can email us @ mentoringyg@gmail.com

Can’t wait to read your letters!

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