2014 Dear Younger Me Campaign: Open Letter to LaShawn…

Dear Younger Me,

There are some many things that I know now that I wish I had knew when I was younger. Maybe I did but because I was being a stubborn little girl I failed to pay attention to things that I was being told by my mom or other adults in my life. You see yes I didnt grow up with my dad but I wish I would have understood that it shouldn’t have changed how I looked at other men or boys at the time. Here is just a few things that I wish I knew then.

Since I wasn’t raised by both of my parents in the same household after I turned about 5 or so I wish that I wouldn’t have looked for love in other men which in turn caused a lot of unnecessary heartbreak.

I wish that I wouldn’t have lost my  virginity at 13 yrs old because it really is a sacred thing. I didn’t realize how much of an changing of spirits that actual take place.

I wish that I would have realized that it is SOOOOOOO much easier to wait to have children when your married than it is before hand. Now don’t get me wrong younger me I don’t regret my kids but with having kids earlier it prevented me from doing a lot of different things such as getting my college degree on time and really being able to hang out with friends without having to find a babysitter first. Now I’m at end of degree and I’m grateful to God that I’m able to get it finished even though it took longer than what it should have.

The things that I have endured have not in anyway destroyed me. It has instead provided with me the opportunity to learn a lot of different things about myself now and before. I appreciate every experience and I know that God has continuously ordered my steps. Thank you younger me for every stepping stone because now I am able to be a better adult!

LaShawn Draper |
Twitter: @MrsProverbs_31

Instagram: @MrsLDrape1884

Facebook: LaShawn SoLovely Draper

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