2014 Dear Younger Me Campaign: Open Letter to Denieccee…

I want to first say that you’ve come so far in your future self. If I could have protected you I would have and the things that you have no idea would hurt you, wouldn’t have happened to you.  Giving up on your dreams is NOT what’s up!  You have the potential to be the best prosecutor EVER! Don’t let what ANYONE has to say deter you from what you believe in.


Sometimes the negativity comes from the people in your own household and its so hard to get away from that.  They have your future planned out, but the key word is YOUR. Its YOUR future. Not theirs. Living someone else’s dream and expectation will NOT make you happy!  Trust me, I know!

Sleeping with James, Earl, Bo, and Tim does not make you sexy.  It doesn’t make you desired.  It does make you easy and trashy.  You are worth so much more than that.  You are smarter than that. To validate yourself through a guy that won’t give 3 shakes about you later….nah!  Save that.  God has a good man for you, that will adore you and treat that son that you are going to have in a few years like gold!

Forgive! Forgive those who have hurt you, forgive those who have abandoned you.  Love those who are in your corner.  Don’t neglect them for those who could care less.  I see that you are reading your Word.  That’s great! But try living it!  Try being everything God talks about in there.  All of those wrongs you have committed, His son, Jesus, makes them right! But don’t play with Him! This thing is for real!

Later, a lot later….there will be so many people that will love hearing your story. You will love telling it, but don’t forget to tell them how far God has brought you (and bringing you). You can’t do this alone.  Just know that I am right here with Him. Your “guardian angel” looking out for you….guiding you along the way. Protecting you from the mistakes I made.

Denieccee Pettaway
Website: http://djpettaway.blogspot.com

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