2014 Dear Younger Me Campaign: Open Letter to Lauren

Dear Younger Me,

The first thing I was to tell you is this, impossible is ONLY an opinion. As you move throughout your journey of life, you will have dreams and visions that you will get excited about without being sure how to get it done. Do not fret. When God gives you a vision, He will be sure to provide the provisions to make it possible. When you understand the importance of keeping God at the center of your life, those concepts of fear and limits will become non-existent and pointless chatter. You can be and will be whatever it is you desire.


Which leads me to my next point: pay close attention to what you believe about yourself and what you are speaking over your life.  The most powerful tool we have is our mind. Whoever we say and believe we are is who we will become. You will encounter many people or occurrences that might cause you to doubt yourself at times, but do not lose yourself in these moments. Failure will happen; it is a part of the recipe for success. Friends will walk away; it is a part of the equation for growth. However you must find the lessons in all of these occurrences. Trials come to not only make you strong but to also give you the opportunity to learn something else about yourself. Never let these teachable moments pass you by without learning something about yourself.

As you grow older, be sure that you are surrounding yourself with people that are only going to help you elevate to new levels in life. Who you surround yourself with says a lot about your so be in a circle with the only the best. When you seek advice, prayer or support, make sure you fully trust the people you are asking. There will be many people in your life that will want to give you their opinion on decisions you should make or will try and point out everything you are doing wrong. Remember that at the end of the day, you are the only that can live YOUR life. You are the only that has to deal with the outcomes of the choices you make. Discernment is always key.

Lastly, love every single thing about yourself. When you know your worth, when you understand your value, the people you decide to share your life with will as well. To be specific, knowing your worth, will ensure that you properly choose a man that deserves to be in your space. To be clear, you will get hurt. As much as I want to tell you that pain is avoidable, it’s not. There will be men that you thought you were in love with and could count rainbows all day with that will end up being everything that you did not need. DO NOT let the hurt your experience keep you from believing that true love exist because it does. You have to go through some bad times to appreciate the good moments even more. But again, make sure God is at the center of your life. When He is ready to reveal the man that He created especially for you, trust me you will know.

Laugh more than you cry. Count your blessings more than you count your failures. Appreciate people and never take them for granted. Always carve out “me time.” Pray at all times. Live the life you imagine.

From my heart to yours,

Lauren R. Jackson, M.P.A.


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