2014 Dear Younger Me Campaign: Open Letter to Juaquina

If I could write a letter to my teenage years it would probably sounds something like this:

Dear Teenage self,

Aren’t we one and the same?

You are me…I mean I was you

And yet now there is this separation between us two

We are staring at each other face to face

Same ears, same nose, same hair, same race

And yet I don’t even recognize who I’m looking at

We are two completely different people, you and I

We see two different visions of the world although we’re both looking through the same eye

Two different reactions to his actions…same guy

Our ears hear two different things, but it’s the same lie

We even speak differently

Every other thing you utter is profanity

I choose to select my words a little bit more carefully

But I dare not judge you….for you are me.

I mean, I was you!

And I understand the way your heart was abused

Not just by guys, but by family and friends your heart was seduced

Tricked to believe that that decision wouldn’t leave your heart bruised

So mistake after mistake you continue to make

Ignorance isn’t bliss if your soul the devil takes

Puts it in a jail cell and traps you before you wake

And now you’re trying to figure out what kind of pill to swallow when your soul aches

When your body is filled with depression and hate

Giving up is easy and on death you wait

You are me?

No. I was you!

You see, you live in defeat while I live in victory

You follow others down their path of destruction

I blaze trails. I’m making history.

Yeah that’s cliché, but I’m breaking free

I thought we were one in the same

But you are NOT me.

Sincerely yours,

The Twenty year old me

Juaquina Carter|  www.Abstinenceandthecity.com

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