Will you make yourself a priority?

Priority is defined as “a thing that is regarded more important than another.”  I have found that we are most willing to do for others than we are for ourselves.  We can offer words of encouragement to our friends, family and loved ones but often beat up on ourselves.  We are quick to be there when others need us but often are not there for ourselves. We often say “yes” to things we are asked to do not knowing that we are saying “no” to ourselves.

I encourage you to continue to do all that and more for others but don’t forget about yourself in the process.  I can imagine this may be difficult for some, especially if you aren’t used to it, but small changes are key.  Here are some things I do each day/each week in order to make myself a priority.

Will you make yourself a priority?

Each day…

I take time to read something motivational.  I also post “morning memo’s” on my IG (@ladystace)

I take time to listen to music that is good for the soul (Jason Nelson “nothing without you”)

I reflect on the positive moments and learn from the rest

Each week…

I take MYSELF on a date (movies, dinner, book store, nail salon, etc)

I do things I like to do (watch the food network, blog, cook, go for a drive)

When you make yourself a priority, when you fall in love with yourself, it allows you to be “full” enough to give to others.  You can’t give of yourself, if you are drained….

Fashion Friday – Celeb Fashion Icons

Welcome back to Fashion Friday guys!

Today I thought I would share with you some of my fashion style icons, I have chose my top four icons, and each of them are very different.

Firstly is Demi Lovato, she is so inspirational in both fashion and her person life, she has admitted everything she has been through and it has helped a lot of people and young girls realise that they are worth their life. I like how she doesn’t show too much skin and she really respects herself.


Secondly is Kate Moss, I love her style and think she always looks so amazing. I dislike her personality and think she is a bad role model for young girls, however I will always love her style.


Thirdly is Zoe Sugg, I’m not sure everyone will know her, she is a youtuber/blogger from England and I think she is just amazing. She looks so fabulous in anything, she really doesn’t take anything seriously and she proves how much you can achieve if you really put your head to it.


Lastly is Mary-Kate Olsen, I have always loved the Olsen twins, I grew up watching their movies. Both twins are so fashionable, however I love Mary-Kate’s quirky style. She tends to wear a lot of black but always has something interesting added to the outfit.


I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know your style icons!

Bex  xoxo

We should all be feminists…

We were introduced to an excerpt of Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on Beyonce’s song “Flawless.”  This excerpt really spoke to me because it is the truth, it is my truth!  I have met people who are shocked that I am 29 with no children not that I don’t want them.  I have been asked multiple times “when are you gonna have a baby?”   You begin to wonder why men and women aren’t taught the same messages, why are their double standards in life?  Why have the negative depictions of men and women we see on TV become the norm?


I believe it is my purpose in life to mentor young women.  To tell each of them that they can have their own thought

s, be in charge of themselves.  Have their own opinion. Be free.  Be firm.  That it is ok to strive to have a wonderful, loving marriage but to be able to also pursue their dreams.  I believe you can have it all as a woman.  

Do not allow anyone to limit you and please do not limit yourself, ever!

EVENT| Girl Talk *Fun at the Park* – Inland Empire

We would like to kick off our first event of the year with our girls in Banning on April 12th from 12PM-2PM. If you live in the Inland Empire and would like to join us come out! It is open for girls 11-18 years old. You can bring a friend, sister, cousin who is between those ages. In order to have great food, cool prizes, and material to give out to you all, you need to RSVP for this event.

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Fundraiser: Come Support Us By Shopping With Shop Closet GlamNoLabelz

We hope you all are doing well this week!

If you don’t follow us on Instagram or Facebook then you aren’t aware of the current fundraiser that our partners Shop Closet GlamNoLabelz aka ShopGNL has put on for us. They have added items to their site where you can purchase different accessories and clothing. All proceeds go toward our Care Package Program for girls and upcoming events (Girl Talk in April). We need your support.


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Fashion Friday

Welcome to the first of many ‘Fashion Fridays’, where I will be telling you what fashion items I have loved this week.

I should probably start with introducing myself, my name is Bex and I am the new blogger on this page, and I am so excited to get to know you all. I love everything fashion and beauty and I cannot wait to share my opinions with you! I also like to bargain hunt and won’t spend a stupid amount on anything that isn’t worth it, so I will share my finds with you!

So lets get into it. I am currently loving Forever 21, which is similar to a store we have in the UK called Primark. We have a few Forever 21 stores in the UK but it is mainly in the US, and I found my love for the store when I was last in New York. I’ve been searching online for my new favourite outfits for the transition between winter and spring, and the weather is starting to get slightly warmer (England’s weather is not good ever really, but still!). I usually go through the sale items as well as items on the main site as this is the best way to find deals, but I saw this skirt on the main site and thought I would share with you a few ideas on how to dress it up or dress it down. I have searched both the US and UK site to find prices in both US Dollars and UK sterling.

Tropical Dream Midi Skirt  (£10.50/$12.80) is my main item in this post, I just love the bright summery colours and I feel paired with the right accessories will be perfect for adding that bit of sunshine into the rainy days!
ImageBasic Cropped Tee £4.10/$6.80
Linked Elephant Pendant Necklace £2.30/$3.80
Sleek Pointed Toe Flats £11.90/$19.80
Favorite Cutout Crop Top £10.50/$12.80
Luxe Chain-link Necklace £5.307/$8.80
Refined D’Orsay Wedges £24.90/$29.80

Modernist Net Crop Top £18.80/$22.80
Simply Chic Layered Chain Necklace £5.90/$9.80
Studded Cowboy Booties £27.90/$32.80
Please let me know what you think of these outfits and feel free to ask any questions.
Bex  xoxo

MYGirls Will Host a Giveaway on Your Blog Site!

Mentoring Young Girls loves to give back! We give throughout different communities and we thought it would be cool to give here on the World Wide Web to our supporters. We’re looking for a blogger who has female readers that are between the age group 11-30. We tend to work with girls 11-18 and college girls as well, so we wanted to make it fair and realistic in what we do here. People love giveaways and what other way to thank your supporters than giving something away?

photo (4)

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Join Our Team!

We wanted to let you all know that we are looking for women to volunteer their time to our organization. We strive to give our best to girls and our supporters globally. In order to execute our goals and put action behind our mission we need a great team.

The following positions are open:


-PR Members

-PR Manager


To get more information and to fill out our application please click the link JOIN OUR TEAM where you will be sent to the appropriate place

We look forward to hearing from you all!