Fashion Friday – Celeb Fashion Icons

Welcome back to Fashion Friday guys!

Today I thought I would share with you some of my fashion style icons, I have chose my top four icons, and each of them are very different.

Firstly is Demi Lovato, she is so inspirational in both fashion and her person life, she has admitted everything she has been through and it has helped a lot of people and young girls realise that they are worth their life. I like how she doesn’t show too much skin and she really respects herself.


Secondly is Kate Moss, I love her style and think she always looks so amazing. I dislike her personality and think she is a bad role model for young girls, however I will always love her style.


Thirdly is Zoe Sugg, I’m not sure everyone will know her, she is a youtuber/blogger from England and I think she is just amazing. She looks so fabulous in anything, she really doesn’t take anything seriously and she proves how much you can achieve if you really put your head to it.


Lastly is Mary-Kate Olsen, I have always loved the Olsen twins, I grew up watching their movies. Both twins are so fashionable, however I love Mary-Kate’s quirky style. She tends to wear a lot of black but always has something interesting added to the outfit.


I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know your style icons!

Bex  xoxo

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