Will you make yourself a priority?

Priority is defined as “a thing that is regarded more important than another.”  I have found that we are most willing to do for others than we are for ourselves.  We can offer words of encouragement to our friends, family and loved ones but often beat up on ourselves.  We are quick to be there when others need us but often are not there for ourselves. We often say “yes” to things we are asked to do not knowing that we are saying “no” to ourselves.

I encourage you to continue to do all that and more for others but don’t forget about yourself in the process.  I can imagine this may be difficult for some, especially if you aren’t used to it, but small changes are key.  Here are some things I do each day/each week in order to make myself a priority.

Will you make yourself a priority?

Each day…

I take time to read something motivational.  I also post “morning memo’s” on my IG (@ladystace)

I take time to listen to music that is good for the soul (Jason Nelson “nothing without you”)

I reflect on the positive moments and learn from the rest

Each week…

I take MYSELF on a date (movies, dinner, book store, nail salon, etc)

I do things I like to do (watch the food network, blog, cook, go for a drive)

When you make yourself a priority, when you fall in love with yourself, it allows you to be “full” enough to give to others.  You can’t give of yourself, if you are drained….

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