Announcement!!! Unveiling Our Organization Name & New Website

We shared on Facebook and our Instagram that there would be changes that would be happening soon. One of those changes was unveiling the name for our organization, and then presenting a brand new website. You’re probably thinking “Unveiling the name of the organization, you changed the name of MYGirls?” You’re not the only one thinking this.

Brief History of what Mentoring Young Girls aka MYGirls is: MYGirls is the name of our mentoring program for young girls between the ages 11-18. We never had an official name for our organization and decided to promote the program only.


What’s the name of the organization? Girls Unite 4 A Purpose! When we speak about our organization this is the name to look out for. When we’re discussing our mentoring program for young girls we will use MYGirls. We do offer mentoring to women 19 & up, but we’re currently in the process of finalizing things for that age group. If you’re interested in more information you can email us.

We now have a website dedicated to what we do and offer as a whole within our organization over at Girls Unite 4 A Purpose and here at is dedicated to where you can read our articles.

We thank you for the support! We hope you rock with us and embrace the change that has occurred in order to meet your needs and better assist girls out there.

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