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Fashion Friday| Faux Bob for Long Hair

Hey MYGirls & visitors (you should change that & be a part of the team:)

Definition of faux: /fō/ adjective made in imitation; artificial. “a string of faux pearls”

If you’re someone who has long/shoulder length hair and want to change your look, the faux bob is something great to try out! There are different techniques to achieving a haircut

Mia Ray of Confessions of A Glamaholic did a blog post on how her stylist achieved a faux bob by using hairpins, hairspray & a flatiron. Below are photos of her look:

Confessions of a Glamaholic

Confessions of a Glamaholic

Mia Ray has natural hair so this is a look that can be achieved by straightening your hair. Also if you are natural and unsure about adding heat to your hair, I’m sure you can achieve a Faux bob by stretching your hair with different techniques. Check out her post on more details about this look.

Below you can find a tutorial on how to achieve the Faux bob with long straight hair by using Jackie aka Lilpumpkinpie05 of Makeup Game On Point:


Also, check out Allison Wilburn MUA tutorial as well with a twist!

Make sure you add your own touch to it and play with it…if you do this look, please tag us on Instagram @GirlsUnite4APurpose

Correcting Minor Imperfections and Blemishes


I’ve been trying to focus on posts that are probably a little bit ‘make-up basic knowledge’ to begin with. I hope nobody minds that I’ve done this so far! I feel it’s a good starting point to me posting on this blog, as it would be a great starting point for any readers who don’t know a lot about make-up and wish to can learn these little tips and tricks, before I start posting any make-up tutorials or reviews!

Photo from Orthofill Blog

This post is focusing on correcting what you may consider as imperfections with a few little make-up tricks.


Concealers come in a variety of different forms. Such as:

  • Liquids – apply with a sponge
  • Powder – apply with brush or cotton wool
  • Stick – apply with brush or fingers
  • Compact – apply with a brush or cotton wool

Not only can you get different forms as above, but you can also purchase different colours; green, lilac, beige/tawny tones. These colours are used for different purposes. The greens are ideal for covering up any redness in your skin, the lilac toned concealers help to cover up any sallow skin, and the beige/tawny toned concealers are your standard skin coloured concealers usually available in a range of shades which are mostly used to cover up blemishes.


  • If you have a highly coloured or vascular complexion, the best thing to do is to use a green based concealer. It’s ideal to apply the green based concealer before you apply your foundation, otherwise if you apply a little too much of the concealer, you can sometimes have the green showing over your foundation. The green base helps to tone down the colour.
  • If you have an uneven blotchy or veined complexions, medium beige and tawny tones can be used to balance the tones of your skin to match and appear less noticeable. If there are any prominent veins you can use skin toned concealers to help cover them up a little more if you wish to.
  • If you have a sallow skin or pigmented complexion a lilac based concealer is ideal. This will tone down the sallow complexion. Again, the same as the green concealer, this should be applied before the foundation. Any pigmentation can be covered with corrective creams before the foundation is applied also.

Minor Imperfections

  • Dark under eye circles

Apply a little concealer under your eyes to cover it up, but be sure to not apply too much. You can also use a lilac based concealer if you prefer.

  • Dehydrated skin

Make sure to use a cream foundation and only a small amount of powder. Powder can make your skin dry up and also can make any dry patches of skin more noticeable! (Trust me, I’ve learnt this from unfortunate experience!) It’s also best to use a cream blusher as opposed to a powder, for the same reason as above!

  • Puffy under eyes

Apply highlighter around the area and shader directly onto the puffy area. Make sure to blend the two areas together nicely so that it’s not noticeable.

  • Thread veins and high colouring

These can be toned down and hidden by using a green toned moisturiser or concealer under your foundation.

  • Lined lips

This is mostly common in more mature people, and if this is the case, you may find that your lipstick can “bleed” into the area surrounding your lips. You can correct this by applying foundation to your lips and setting it with a powder. Next, line your lip shape using a lip pencil or a lip brush, make sure to keep this line slightly within your natural lip line. Using a lip brush, set the liner with a loose powder and then fill in the inside area with colour.

  • Blemishes (spots or whiteheads)

You can actually get medicated concealers, however if not use your normal concealer. Apply a few very thin coats as opposed to one thick one. Make sure that you use a concealer that is as close to your natural skin colour as you can, otherwise this can make blemishes stand out a little more! Concealer shades can be blended together to match your skin tone perfectly.

  • Superfluous hair (unwanted facial hair)

Avoid cake foundations and use liquid, moisturised or all-in-one foundations. Only if necessary, apply a very small amount of powder. Also be careful to apply any products in a downwards motion to avoid clogging any hairs.

  • Age lines

The aim with age lines is to make them appear fuller! Use a lighter coloured foundation to highlight within the folds of these little lines. However, make sure that not too much foundation falls into or settles in these lines, otherwise it can end up making them look like deep lines!

  • Freckles and moles

You can purchase covering foundation creams or blemish sticks which are usually a little thicker and are better to colour up darker marks such as moles. You must be careful to make sure that this cream or blemish stick matches the tone of your foundation perfectly, otherwise they can make the area stand out!

I hope that this little post was helpful to anyone who had any queries about covering up little blemishes and how to do it correctly! Thank you for reading!

Also if anybody wishes for me to write a post on anything in particular, just comment and let me know and I will try and get your requests written up!

Emily Jean

[VIDEO] Fashion Friday – How to Stretch Your Shoes

So you may have bought a pair of heels for prom, a wedding, church, or to wear whenever you go out and notice they’re a little too tight! You could take them back but you like them too much right? Well check out this awesome video by MahoganiTV where she shows how you can stretch your heels

Let us know if you’ve tried this before or plan on trying this. I know I will 🙂

The Basics of Contouring for Your Face Shape

Hello again!

I just want to say thank you to those of you who have read and enjoyed my previous post, I was so happy to be receiving likes on my first post!

Today I’m going to go through some basics that I’ve learnt in college for highlighting and shading and which areas you should focus on for your face shape. Like I said, they are very basic, but I hope it can help you in learning a little about contouring!

Everyone’s face shapes are different, but there are general shapes you can put your face too: oval, oblong, rectangular, heart, square, triangular, round, diamond and inverted triangle. It’s seen that the oval face shape is the ideal shape to have due to the symmetry of the face, so shading and highlighting is all about “correcting” (so to speak) the shape to give the illusion that you have an oval face shape.

Before I jump into things there are a few things to know about shaders and highlighters and a couple of tips:


  • Highlighters should be up to three shades LIGHTER than your skin tone.
  • You can use cream or powder products.
  • Foundation, specialised highlighter products, powders or white/off white/iridescent eye shadows are ideal to use.
  • Highlighting is used to accentuate areas, making them more prominent.
  • Highlighting is especially flattering when applied to your cheekbones!
  • Highlighting can make areas look larger or fuller, depending on how you use your shader alongside it.


  1. Apply down the centre of your nose to make the nose appear longer and thinner.
  2. If you have deep set eyes or dark circles, apply under your eyes to minimise the dark circles.
  3. If you have deep set and small eyes, apply on your eye lids to make your eyes appear larger.
  4. If you have a receding chin and want to bring it forward, apply highlighter onto your chin.
  5. If you wish to make your face appear wider and fuller, apply to your cheeks.
  6. If you would like your neck to appear fuller, apply highlighter to the sides of your neck.


  • Shaders should be up to three shades DARKER than your skin tone.
  • Again, you can use cream or powder products.
  • Shading is used to take attention away from areas by almost fading them away.
  • You should avoid using shaders on areas of your face that may have excessive facial hair.
  • Shading can make areas appear slimmer or smaller if you also highlight in the correct places.


  1. If you have a wide nose and wish to make it appear smaller, apply shader to the sides of your nose.
  2. If you have a wide face and would like it to appear more slender, apply shader to the sides of your face and your cheeks.
  3. If you wish to diminish heavy lids and prominent eyes, apply to your eye lids.
  4. If you wish to make a protruding forehead look less prominent, apply shader to your forehead.
  5. If you want to shorten a long face or to diminish a protruding chin, apply shader to your chin.
  6. If you have a double chin you wish to put into shadow, apply shader under your chin.

Correcting Face Shapes

face shapesImage above found here.

Triangular Face

Typically the triangular face has a wide jaw line and a narrow forehead.
For a triangular face you are focusing on slimming down the bottom area of your face and making the top of your face seem wider. For this you should shade at the sides of you face to your cheeks – without going past the cheekbone. The highlighter should be applied to the corners of your forehead, this will give the illusion that your forehead is slightly wider.

Oblong Face

The oblong face is long and narrow.
If your face is horizontally long you should focus on shading the corners of your face, such as each side of the forehead and the sides of your face and cheeks, again this slims your face down. Highlighter should be placed down the centre of your face – forehead, down your nose and your chin – this gives the illusion that your face is longer vertically, as opposed to horizontally.

If your face is vertically long, avoid highlighting in the middle of your face as this will make your face appear longer. Instead focus on highlighting the sides of your face, so that it appears wider, and shading your forehead and chin to reduce the length.

Oval Face

As said previously, this is seen to be the ideal face shape, so really there is no “correcting” needed as all styles of make-up suit this face shape. However, a bit of highlighter on your cheek bones and some shader below your cheek bones can be really flattering.

Round Face

A round face is noticed as short and broad, with full and rounded cheeks.
If you shade the sides of your cheeks this gives the impression your have a more slender face. If you highlight the centre of your face – forehead, nose and chin – this will lengthen the face.

Heart Shaped Face

Recognised by a wide forehead and your face narrowing to the jaw line.
You should focus on highlighting your jawline to give the impression that it is wider, and shading your forehead will reduce the breadth of it.

Square Face

An angular jaw line and a wide forehead with full cheeks.
You should really focus on shading the corners of your face to give a softer curve to the shape of your face.

I feel like this has been a very short and basic post, but there’s not really a lot to shading and highlighting if you know what face shape you have and how to use both shaders and highlighters to your advantage. When you have applied shaders and highlighters, do not forget to make sure it’s all blended nicely together! You don’t want to have any harsh or noticeable lines between shaders and highlighters, otherwise this won’t give the effect you are hoping for.

I hope this answers anyone’s questions, if they had any, about shading, highlighting and really the basics of contouring!

I do, however, want to introduce you to a lovely young lady I know who uploads some wonderful make-up tutorials onto YouTube. She’s recently done a video of her Flawless Foundation Routine and she uses highlighting and shading in her routine! It’s a really fantastic video and I hope watching Katy doing this routine (applying, blending etc.) will help!

Click here to watch ItsLittleMissOutcast’s video on her Flawless Foundation Routine!

Take care, girls!

Emily Jean

Dear Younger Me Campaign Recap + Kahlelah’s Dear Younger Me Letter

DearYoungerMeCampaignRecapIn case you missed our Dear Younger Me Campaign in February here’s a recap of what you missed…

From left to right clockwise we have: LaShawn, Denieccee, and Ashley (our Founder)

LaShawn – “The things that I have endured have not in anyway destroyed me. It has instead provided with me the opportunity to learn a lot of different things about myself now and before. I appreciate every experience and I know that God has continuously ordered my steps. Thank you younger me for every stepping stone because now I am able to be a better adult!”

 DeniecceeSleeping with James, Earl, Bo, and Tim does not make you sexy.  It doesn’t make you desired.  It does make you easy and trashy.  You are worth so much more than that.  You are smarter than that. To validate yourself through a guy that won’t give 3 shakes about you later….nah!  Save that.  God has a good man for you, that will adore you and treat that son that you are going to have in a few years like gold!

 AshleyAlright, well you’ll lose your best friend to Alzheimer’s Disease and you won’t know until it’s too late. He won’t be around to see you go to prom nor will he make it to see you graduate from high school. You fought a great fight during high school & it hurts that he won’t be there to witness the blood, sweat & tears you put in to get here. But I’m HERE TO TELL YOU you got this baby!

DearYoungerMeCampaignRecap3From left to right clockwise we have: Chrisselle, Tiara, and Juaquina (Care Package Recruiter)

Chrisselle – “In a few years you’re going to meet people who are going to change your life, at times it won’t feel like it’s for the best, but in the long term it is. They’re going to make you stronger, wiser and braver than you ever thought you could be. You’re going to use these qualities to change other people’s lives and I guarantee you that that will be the best feeling in the world.


 Juaquina – “Our ears hear two different things, but it’s the same lie…We even speak differently…Every other thing you utter is profanity…I choose to select my words a little bit more carefully…But I dare not judge you….for you are me.

DearYoungerMeCampaignRecap2From left to right clockwise we have: Undrea, Cathy, & Kahlelah (MYGirls Mentor & PR Member)

Undrea – “For many years of your young life you had to endure peer pressure and the very damaging words that were thrown at you. You were so bruised by the constant bullying and that made you withdrawn and deeply depressed for a long time. I wish I could go back in time to comfort you and tell you that even though you felt as if you were drowning, you could recover from those emotional wounds and slowly heal. Never let the world define you. Define yourself!”

Cathy – “Now there are two things that we’ve got to get settled, please don’t hide your light!! You are a force to be reckoned with and those who are worthy of you, will never ever try to dim you. You think that playing small will make people love you and feel less threatened by you but it won’t. You will only feel stifled and trapped in a hell of your own making. Live free, young one, you have so many gifts to share but you will waste time if you don’t head my advice.

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Why You May Want to Sign-up to Become a MYGirls Member?

So you’re probably thinking “What are the benefits  for myself or child to sign-up for your program?” Good question!


We offer mentorship: which is a bond and relationship between a mentor (woman) and a mentee to offer support. We find that a lot of times young girls and girls in general want  and NEED an outlet with someone that isn’t in their current circle (family or friends) and could offer everyday advice. A mentor is assigned to each girl as a positive individual who wants the best for their mentee.

Trips: We want to take small trips that are educational and fun but in order to meet those needs we must have the commitment from our parents and mentees to be on board when the time comes. So if you’re interested in visiting local colleges, attending fairs, and museums this is for you!

Community service: we like to give back in different communities whether its through putting on a clothing drive, cleaning a park or collaborating with other organizations to give back during an event.

Workshops: We offer many free and at times a low fee on workshops that are beneficial for girls today. A few are self esteem related, college prep, leadership, and relational.

Scholarships: We offer one lucky high school senior a chance to win a scholarship toward college expenses. We tend to choose a school in the Inland Empire and offer a scholarship for $100+ from donations we receive, but this offer maybe exclusive for MYGirls members soon.

Diversity: You get to meet girls of different races, backgrounds and cities. A great way to network and build positive relationships in different areas. You never know who can help you when you least expect it. It’ll also expand your circle in a positive way.

These are a few reasons why you may want to become a MYGirls member. We’re currently taking new applicants for FREE. You don’t want to miss out on what’s to come. If you’re interested and want a application or have any questions you can email us at


Identifying Your Skin Type and Knowing Which Products to Buy!

Hello ladies!
I’m the newbie blogger here on MYGirls, and I’m so happy to be a part of the team and to share my thoughts and opinions with you all!
So, before I get into my post I thought I’d introduce myself quickly: My name is Emily, I’m 19 and from a little town in England. I study Beauty Therapy at college and I’m hoping to go into a big mixture of beauty therapy, make-up artistry and wedding planning! I’m hoping to bring some beauty posts in regards to skincare, product reviews, make-up tutorials etc to the blog and I’m really excited to get this started.
Todays post I thought I’d start right at the beginning with a quick talk through skincare advice and how to spot what skin type you have. It might sound like a fairly basic topic, but I figured this would be a good starting point for my blogging on here, and also because I’ve noticed that quite a lot of people don’t really know a lot about their skin or what skin type they have.
There are three main categories for your skin type: Oily, dry and combination. Combination is the most common skin type in teenagers and is a mixture of dry/normal and oily skin, for example, a lot of people with combination skin type have an oilier T-Zone. The T-Zone is recognised as the area across your forehead, down your nose and your chin, as shown in the diagram below.
t zone
Dry and oily skin types are pretty self explanatory in that they are just that – dry or oily. Dry skin can be recognised by flaking of the skin, whiteheads and your skin feeling tight. It isn’t uncommon for people with dry skin types to have dehydrated skin also, which usually is shown with broken capillaries. Broken capillaries can be recognised as small and fine red lines.
Oily skin can have a yellowish (known as sallow) complexion and you can generally feel the oil on your skin. Oily skin usually have larger, open pores. Your skin can show a shine if you have oily skin and it’s likely to get more pustules (spots) and papules (blind spots) with this skin type. Blind spots are recognised as a hard lump under your skin, it can usually show up a little red or pinkish and it is quite sore to touch. Unlike normal spots, there is no yellow head to these types of spots.
The oil in your skin is a natural oil that your body produces, called sebum. This oil is good for you skin as it helps to protect your skin in a lot of ways, however it’s about getting the balance right so that you achieve a healthy, hydrated, protected but non-oily, normal skin type. I’ve found that this can take a lot of experimenting with products and knowing what does and doesn’t suit you. So the more products you try out and look up, the more likely you are to achieve the ideal skin type!
Some good tips for your skin type:
Oily Skin:
  • Cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin twice a day. Morning and night is the perfect time for this!
  • Foaming cleansers are ideal for this skin type and should never be used on a dry skin type, as the chlorine and salts in tap water can make it worse.
  • Astringent toners have the highest level of alcohol and are ideal for oily skin types.
  • Oil free moisturiser contains no oil, only water and other ingredients added in. This is the perfect moisturiser for those with oily skin!
  • Moisturising lotion, containing 85-90% water and 10-15% oil, are also great for greasy skin and ideal for using it under your make-up!
  • Be patient! Don’t use products more often than they say on the tub as it will end up with you overusing the product, which can also cause your skin to become dry!
  • As your skin is oily, skin cells aren’t shed as quickly as that of a dry skin type. However, it is still important that you exfoliate your skin just ONCE a week to remove any dead skin cells and to keep your skin looking clean, healthy and fresh.
  • While pore grain exfoliants and clay exfoliants are both suitable for oily skin types, clay exfoliators are perhaps preferable as the clay absorbs the dead skin cells and takes up the excess sebum from your skin.
  • If you fancy pampering yourself with a mask, go for it! However if you have oily skin, it’s best to sway towards clay masks or thermal masks – which are both a type of setting mask which are generally used to absorb excess oil and help tighten your skin. However, biological masks are a non-setting mask which can be used on any skin type.
  • Peppermint and tea tree oils can help put any little pimples or acne at bay!


tea treeRecommended product (above): Superdrug’s own Tea Tree Oil Exfoliant!
Ideal for testing out the product, this 30ml tube is only £1.05 or £3.50 for a 100ml tube if you like the product!
Superdrug Exfoliating Cream Wash with natural tea tree and peppermint oils and aloe vera extract.”
Normal Skin:
  • For normal skin, products labelled as “balancing” are ideal!
  • Cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin twice a day. Morning and night is the perfect time for this!
  • Foaming cleanser is also suitable for a normal skin type.
  • Skin tonic toners are ideal for normal skin types, they are weaker than astringents (toning lotions).
  • Balancing products help to upkeep your skins natural oils without your skin becoming too dry or oily.
  • Normal skin needs to only be exfoliated ONCE a week! The same as oily skin, skin cells are not shed as often as they are for a dry skin type, but it is still important to keep your skin clean and refreshed with exfoliating.
  • Both clay and pore gran exfoliants can be used for normal skin types, however pore grains are perhaps better. As the clay exfoliator may dry up the skin slightly, the pore grains simple just rub off the dead skin cells!
  • Thermal masks are a great mask for normal skin types as it helps to bring your blood supply to the surface, helping to renew your skin cells.


Recommended product (above): Bodyshop’s Seaweed Clarifying Toner!
Fabulous for combination-oily skin! If it’s not overused, this product is perfect for clearing up your skin! £8 for 200ml is one incredible bargain!
This alcohol-free, refreshing and purifying toner helps to rebalance combination skin.”

Dry Skin:
  • Dry skin types should keep an eye out for “soothing” products. As dry skin types usually have either dry or sensitive skin as well, soothing products have the least/no alcohol content, meaning it will cause no irritation for your skin!
  • Cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin twice a day. Morning and night is the perfect time for this!
  • Cleansing milk is ideal for dry sensitive skin. It’s an oil in water emulsion, meaning that there is a higher level of water than oil in the product.
  • Cleansing cream is great for very dry or mature skin. It has a higher proportion of oil than water and is a thicker and creamy consistence.
  • Toners known as Fresheners are best for very dry or sensitive skin. It is the weakest toning lotion available and there is no alcohol included in the product.
  • Moisturising creams are best for a dry or mature skin as they contain 70-85% water and 15-30% oil.
  • Keep your skin well hydrated, drink plenty of water and use suitable non-perfumed moisturiser.
  • With having dry skin, your skin cells are shed and renewed a lot quicker than that of an oily skin. It is important to exfoliate TWICE a week to keep your skin looking fresh. The build up of dead skin cells can cause your skin to appear quite dull and it can also clog up your pores!
  • If you have sensitive skin, avoid using exfoliants with pore grains. These are usually cream or liquid based products which contain little spheres of plastic or crushed nuts. Any other skin type is fine, but this can heat up and irritate sensitive skin easily!
  • Clay exfoliators are perfect for sensitive skins. When it’s applied to the skin, it dries and absorbs dead skin cells and excess sebum (natural oil in your skin) is wiped away.
  • Non-setting masks are best for dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin types, as these types of mask focus on hydrating, soothing and nourishing the skin.
  • Warm oil masks soften the skin and restore the natural moisture balance in your skin. This is ideal for those with dry and dehydrated skin. A hot oil mask however would most benefit those with a mature skin.
  • Peel off masks, generally made from gel, latex or paraffin, are good for all skin types depending on their ingredients, however they are mostly ideal and effective on dry skins! These masks don’t allow moisture to escape through the mask, and therefore help the skin soften and soak up any moisture. A sensitive skin would benefit the most from a non-setting gel mask and a dry skin would mostly benefit from a paraffin wax mask!


Recommended product (above): Bright Here Bright Now by Soap&Glory!
Perfect for moisturising and leaving your skin soft, and for only £12 for 50ml, you can’t complain!
Soap & Glory™ Bright Here Bright Now™ cream has skin-perfecting LUMINOSPHERES™-SF, super moisturising ALOE VERA & APRICOT KERNEL OIL, plus Soap & Glory’s clinically proven, skin firming QUICKLIFT INSTANTIGHT 2™ technology. It lifts, energises, tightens and brightens – making dull skin simply dazzle.”

I hope that wasn’t too much information to take in, and I really hope this has helped anyone to identify their skin type or anyone who has been unsure of what types of products to look for to suit their skin! Hopefully you’ve found this post interesting, and I can’t wait to get started on my next post!

Take care, girls!

Emily Jean

Fashion Friday in Dubai!

Hello all you beautiful people, I hope you are all well and excited for the weekend.

If you don’t follow my personal blog then you probably won’t know that I am actually in Dubai at the moment, which is amazing. However it it very different to England, and a lot of the world. I found finding outfits to pack quite difficult as I should keep my shoulders and knees (and everything between) covered, as if adapting to the crazy heat wasn’t hard enough! So as I always do, I headed online to find inspiration for outfits. I started with looking on my usual websites for ideas and everything was too short or too revealing, then after a few hours of me getting more and more stressed I ended up typing things like ‘what to wear in Dubai’ and ‘what to pack for Dubai’ and I found that there is very little help online for outfit inspirations for travelling to places such as Dubai. It also doesn’t help that I am very petite so anything longer than my knee’s makes me look like I’ve gone missing from a snow white film. So I tried my best to make my outfits comply by the rules and be respectful to the locals yet still be somewhat fashionable and flattering.

I would just like to point out that tourists do not HAVE to be covered however I did not want to be disrespectful to the locals and I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable, so it was my choice to be covered up. I would suggest you stay covered up when travelling to anywhere in the UAE (I think in Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia the rules are to be covered, so you HAVE to cover up), even in Dubai the police and locals will stop you if you look too revealing and ask you to cover up slightly.

So today I thought I would share a few of the outfits I have worn so far, you’ll have to excuse the lack of make up and frizzy hair, it is incredible hot and humid here!


Pink Dress – New Look

Shoes – Primark

Kimono – Internacionale

Head Band and Belt – New Look

Sunglasses – Stall at Reading Music Festival


Colour Splash Flower Maxi Dress – Ax Paris

Green Cropped Cardi – Warehouse

Gold Statement Rings – New Look



Black Cropped Cardi – F&F

Black Vest Top – New Look

Pink Flowy Trousers – Ebay


FlipFlops – Piping Hot flip flops


Brown Dress – New Look

All other items have been worn in the other photographs.


So you can see a recurring theme in all of these pictures, lots of covering up thus complying with the rules, I’ve been respectful with the skin I am showing however had my own spin on the outfits. What do you think of my outfit choices and what would you suggest I wear?

As always, thank you for reading and I will see you next week for Fashion Friday! If there is anything in particular you would like me to style/talk about then please let me know.