Fashion Friday in Dubai!

Hello all you beautiful people, I hope you are all well and excited for the weekend.

If you don’t follow my personal blog then you probably won’t know that I am actually in Dubai at the moment, which is amazing. However it it very different to England, and a lot of the world. I found finding outfits to pack quite difficult as I should keep my shoulders and knees (and everything between) covered, as if adapting to the crazy heat wasn’t hard enough! So as I always do, I headed online to find inspiration for outfits. I started with looking on my usual websites for ideas and everything was too short or too revealing, then after a few hours of me getting more and more stressed I ended up typing things like ‘what to wear in Dubai’ and ‘what to pack for Dubai’ and I found that there is very little help online for outfit inspirations for travelling to places such as Dubai. It also doesn’t help that I am very petite so anything longer than my knee’s makes me look like I’ve gone missing from a snow white film. So I tried my best to make my outfits comply by the rules and be respectful to the locals yet still be somewhat fashionable and flattering.

I would just like to point out that tourists do not HAVE to be covered however I did not want to be disrespectful to the locals and I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable, so it was my choice to be covered up. I would suggest you stay covered up when travelling to anywhere in the UAE (I think in Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia the rules are to be covered, so you HAVE to cover up), even in Dubai the police and locals will stop you if you look too revealing and ask you to cover up slightly.

So today I thought I would share a few of the outfits I have worn so far, you’ll have to excuse the lack of make up and frizzy hair, it is incredible hot and humid here!


Pink Dress – New Look

Shoes – Primark

Kimono – Internacionale

Head Band and Belt – New Look

Sunglasses – Stall at Reading Music Festival


Colour Splash Flower Maxi Dress – Ax Paris

Green Cropped Cardi – Warehouse

Gold Statement Rings – New Look



Black Cropped Cardi – F&F

Black Vest Top – New Look

Pink Flowy Trousers – Ebay


FlipFlops – Piping Hot flip flops


Brown Dress – New Look

All other items have been worn in the other photographs.


So you can see a recurring theme in all of these pictures, lots of covering up thus complying with the rules, I’ve been respectful with the skin I am showing however had my own spin on the outfits. What do you think of my outfit choices and what would you suggest I wear?

As always, thank you for reading and I will see you next week for Fashion Friday! If there is anything in particular you would like me to style/talk about then please let me know.



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