Why You May Want to Sign-up to Become a MYGirls Member?

So you’re probably thinking “What are the benefits  for myself or child to sign-up for your program?” Good question!


We offer mentorship: which is a bond and relationship between a mentor (woman) and a mentee to offer support. We find that a lot of times young girls and girls in general want  and NEED an outlet with someone that isn’t in their current circle (family or friends) and could offer everyday advice. A mentor is assigned to each girl as a positive individual who wants the best for their mentee.

Trips: We want to take small trips that are educational and fun but in order to meet those needs we must have the commitment from our parents and mentees to be on board when the time comes. So if you’re interested in visiting local colleges, attending fairs, and museums this is for you!

Community service: we like to give back in different communities whether its through putting on a clothing drive, cleaning a park or collaborating with other organizations to give back during an event.

Workshops: We offer many free and at times a low fee on workshops that are beneficial for girls today. A few are self esteem related, college prep, leadership, and relational.

Scholarships: We offer one lucky high school senior a chance to win a scholarship toward college expenses. We tend to choose a school in the Inland Empire and offer a scholarship for $100+ from donations we receive, but this offer maybe exclusive for MYGirls members soon.

Diversity: You get to meet girls of different races, backgrounds and cities. A great way to network and build positive relationships in different areas. You never know who can help you when you least expect it. It’ll also expand your circle in a positive way.

These are a few reasons why you may want to become a MYGirls member. We’re currently taking new applicants for FREE. You don’t want to miss out on what’s to come. If you’re interested and want a application or have any questions you can email us at mentoringyg@gmail.com


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