Eyeliner Techniques


Today I’m just going to go through some simple and basic eyeliner techniques. Unfortunately this is a very short post, however I hope that it can inspire some of your eyeliner techniques and the sources for these images can help you try out new techniques!

ce886d33d989f851fd25a849552ef10bImage found on Pinterest



1. A very subtle technique with a more natural look. You apply a very fine line to your upper lid and smudge the pencil or wet liquid eyeliner with a brush.

photo 4

cover girl # 17b
Imagine found here


2. Applying a slightly thicker area in the middle of the upper lid can create a rounder and fuller looking eye.

photo 1

eyeliner thicker in middleImage found here


3. To make your eyes look larger, you can apply eyeliner to only the outer corners of your eye.

photo 2

I found a lovely make-up tutorial in a blog post where this eyeliner technique is used flawlessly and it looks so beautiful! Check out the tutorial here

4. A more dramatic look, and also a very popular one, is to apply liner to the upper lid (and sometimes the bottom) and create a flick (or a wing as most people call it, e.g. “winged eyeliner”). This can also be known as “cat eye” eyeliner. This style varies from person to person based on their preferences, some people like their “wings” to be longer or thicker for a bolder look, whereas some people like just a small wing so it’s not too strong!

photo 3

cat-eye-makeup-1Image found here

I hope you have fun playing and experimenting with your eyeliner techniques! There are some really beautiful looks out there and make-up artists and make-up lovers are constantly coming up with new, fresh, bold, subtle and beautiful eyeliner looks.

Thank you for reading!

Emily Jean

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