July Pamper Day

Hello everybody!

I’ve decided that on the second Tuesday of each month I shall be doing a little Pamper Day post! These posts will go through some products I’ve used – and loved – and have helped me to relax, helped my skin etc. Essentially, it’s a quick little review on some beautiful products that are fantastic to use when you’re feeling down and you need to be pampered!

First off, skincare! Thanks to a little God send of a beauty box I am subscribed to, I received these little miracles known as the wake-up under eye patches, or: Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer!

photo 4


To be quite honest, I was very skeptical about them before I used them, but the results were wonderful! I suffer with really bad dark under eye circles, so sometimes in a morning when I look in the mirror I just think “urrrrgghhhhh what can I do with this?!”. Simple. All you have to do is take an under eye patch out of the slip it’s in, apply it directly under your eye and make sure it’s all smooth and not creased or wrinkling up. You leave it there for 15 minutes and you’re all done! Overall, these little patches make you look that little bit more awake and fresh in the morning! Genius!

photo-3My before and after photo

Of course, no pamper day can be carried through without a face mask! I may have mentioned this incredible product before on this blog, but Glamglow Supermud is just BEAUTIFUL. It leaves your skin so flawless! As you should with any other beauty product, don’t overuse it! People can occasionally put a fantastic product down as being awful, simply because they’re misusing and overusing it. If you overuse a product, it can make your skin so much worse – either greasier or uncomfortably dry. Supermud pulls out all of the impurities in your skin, so naturally your skin can feel a little dry after – so if this product is overused, it really can dry up your skin and it’ll end up taking those good, natural oils out of your skin too (as that will be all there is there for it to suck up!).

Another beautifully gross product to use is Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. My friend Amber recommended these to me, and I’ve never looked back! They feel a little strange and uncomfortable at first, but they are worth it! After you’ve removed your face mask, leave your nose a little damp and apply a nose strip. Leave for about 10 minutes, remove and check out all of the gross garbage the strip has literally PULLED out of your pores! It is so disgusting, but admittedly, it’s a little satisfying to see that all of the bad stuff is being taken out of your skin!

photo 2

Last but not least, a pamper day is never complete with a nice, relaxing soak in the bath! But what better way to do it than with a bath bomb?! Natural bath bombs made by Lush Cosmetics are currently my absolutely favourite. They smell beautiful and they look amazing and fun! The one shown in the photo below is called Dragon Egg, and yes it is simply incredible. After it fizzes away a few layers letting off what looks like multicoloured confetti into the bath, the centre is cracked into and it starts fizzing, POPPING (there’s those little popping crystal things in there too!) and letting out this beautiful orange cloud into the water. It is amazing! Also, don’t forget to light a couple of candles, get a book, put some nice relaxing music on and just chill out for some time in that brightly coloured, popping and fizzing bath!



photo 2 copy

Have a happy pamper day, ladies!

Emily Jean

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