GU4AP’s 1st annual “Park Beautification Day,” 7/12/14

Whew! What a day it was . . .

As we Mentors made our ways from our respective residences to Towngate Memorial Park in Moreno Valley, CA, we hadn’t the slightest idea of what would be the overall outcome of our 1st annual Girls Unite 4 A Purpose “Park Beautification” event.  We locked in the location, secured our spot for a park bench & BBQ pit, divided the logistics between our awesome Founding CEO & Director of Queens Unite Everywhere (QUE), our Director of Public Relations & “MYGirls,” and Breyawna our fabulous Events Coordinator.  We had Lia, our Mentor & resident Beauty Queen (crowned Miss California Plus America 2014) set up the decorations which turned our day into a beautiful luau . . . and of course, we brought the beverages, food & fixings, along with the #BanBossy workshop supplies and gift bags for all attendees.

Lastly, we had Sasha, Omolara, Faith, and Ty’Kea, our eager Volunteers  who soon became new Mentors. 20140712_111042

Yet, we were short the most important element:  Mentees.

Determined to expect the unexpected and not forget about the reason for the day, we at GU4AP decided to take a small detour, redirecting our focus to training the new Mentors, while leaving the invitation open to any young girl interested in what we had going on.  Prepping our new Mentors for their future Mentor/Mentee relationships, we stressed the importance of communication, leadership, self-esteem, and teamwork; well into our morning #BanBossy workshop, our Mentors were able to exercise leadership and initiative by taking gift bags to a mother and grandmother near our setup, for them to take home to any young girls in their families.



Our day was running smoothly.  Until a minor setback made it get much smoother . . .

A malfunction with the luau decorations opened up the door of opportunity:  a cluster of our balloons flew a few yards away from our spot, which caught the attention of a group of 5 young girls, ranging from ages 8 to 16.  Shy at first, the girls found interest in GU4AP, and opted to join us for the entire event duration.  The exchanges of names, issuance of food & beverages, gifting of bags, and meeting of parents & sharing of our organization’s purpose, recharged the motivation within all of us to press forward in our quest to reach out to young girls.  Before our very eyes, we saw how expecting the unexpected made for the enjoyment and ending of an overall perfect day!


So, WHY did we do what we did on Saturday morning?  WHY did we reach out to young girls in the communities?

Because there are so many young girls who feel alone, invisible, objectified, scared, silenced, unattractive, unsure of themselves.  There are so many young girls in our communities who don’t have positive role models to look up to.  There are so many young girls who lack goals, aspirations, who have never made any life plans, whether short term or long term.  There are so many young girls with questions, concerns, worries about life, school, the future, and especially what it means to be a Woman. There are so many young girls in our communities who turn to negative entities as outlets.  There are so many young girls who lack confidence, and are yearning for positive ways to express themselves.     20140712_110937



We at Girls Unite 4 A Purpose (GU4AP), which houses Queens Unite Everywhere (QUE) and “MYGirls,” aim to inspire and uplift the young girls in our respective communities, and around the world when our power and outreach increases.  Through activities, workshops, leadership & team-building exercises, writing projects and more, we believe that our work will greatly impact the lives of our young girls, and influence them to be the best of themselves that they could ever be.


Parents, PLEASE get your young girls involved.  If you have daughters, nieces, granddaughters, Goddaughters, etc . . . GU4AP welcomes you!


-Kahlelah, “MYGirls”


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