Skincare Routine for Combination-Oily Skin

Hello everybody!

Today I thought I’d share my evening skincare routine, as since I’ve been doing this I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in my skin condition. I used to have quite bad skin with flares of acne in my T-Zone, recently my skin has been almost completely clear (with the occasional little spot appearing here and there).

First thing I do when I get into bed is cleanse my face with Simple face wipes. I remove all of my make up, sometimes use a second wipe just to make sure all the make-up and dirt that’s built up on my skin over the day is removed. What I love about these wipes are that they’re fragrance free, so no irritation is caused to my skin and it does the job perfectly!


While you’re supposed to cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin, I’ve found a lot of products really don’t suit my skin. Anything for dry skin makes my skin greasy and causes break outs, the same for sensitive skincare products, while oily or combination skincare products really dry my skin out! I’m yet to find a really suitable product for my skin.

If my skin is feeling very oily one night, I give my skin a quick wipe over in ONLY the oily areas using The Body Shop’s Seaweed Clarifying Toner. I don’t always use the toner, as when I used it every night, I found my skin becoming VERY dry, irritated, red and actually flaking. When I use it only when my skin is oily, I find that it really helps to just take that excess oil from my skin and in the morning it feels lovely again!


I then apply a thin layer of Acnecide all over my face, especially taking care in making sure my troubled areas have been covered. I actually got prescribed acnecide from my doctor, however I’m pretty sure it’s something you can purchase.



I follow with applying The Body Shop’s Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment in the same areas, as this helps your skin to absorb what products have been put onto your face as well as helping the natural oils in your skin to sink in. Acnecide has really done wonders to my skin, I give it the biggest recommendation to anyone who is suffering with acne!



If ever my skin is feeling a little dry  in the morning, I actually use a good moisturising cream that focuses on eczema. As I do suffer with eczema, one day I woke up and the only available moisturiser was a perfumed one (NOT suitable for my skin), so I tried the eczema cream and it worked an absolute treat. The next day my skin was back to normal, neither dry nor oily! The most popular cream to use, as I know so many who do use it (including my mum), is Aqueous Cream, and it really is lovely. Just don’t use too much, otherwise your skin does feel oily!


This was a very short post in comparison to my others, however I hope this helped for anyone with an oily-combination skin type like me! I couldn’t explain how much I love this skincare routine as it really has worked wonders for me! I hope anyone else who tries it will find the same!

Emily Jean

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