Choosing a Major/Minor



Greetings and Blessings!!!

Hope you ladies are doing well and are getting geared up to go back to school. For the ladies who are getting prepared for college I hoped you enjoy reading the off to college checklist post. In this post I would like to talk to you about choosing (declaring) a major and/or minor. You will have an academic adviser to help you when you are enrolled in your basic requirements but once you declare a major you will have an academic adviser for that specific department that you will be majoring in. Your academic adviser will be there to help and guide you through during your time as an undergrad. Get to know them build a rapport with them they are there to help you! Now, when you first start off in your classes, you will be taking pretty much your basic requirements (classes) they are just like  refresher courses from high school. Yes, as silly as these classes may seem it is important that you take these classes seriously and pass them. You don’t want anything to come back and prevent you from graduating.



I believe that most schools would look for you to declare a major and/or minor by the middle of your sophomore year if you haven’t done so during your first year. (I didn’t declare my major until my junior year and I’ll say why towards the end of the post) For some this can be an easy decision because they already have an idea as to what they want to pursue a career in while for others it can be a bit overwhelming.  Finding the right major is a process and it is okay if you don’t know right away what you want to major in. When you are thinking about choosing a major and/or minor it is a good idea to have an invested interest in something. Something that you have a passion for and that you can see yourself doing and wouldn’t consider it a job. It could be arts, music, politics, fashion, photography etc. It is good to get advice or opinions from fellow classmates, friends, family, and your adviser. But whatever you decide it is ultimately up to YOU!! It is important that you seek and pray to God for guidance and direction as well. It is important that you follow your heart. Don’t let the opinions of others sway you from choosing what you want to do to what they want you to. As you go through life, you will learn that it is important to do what makes you happy and not settle. If God gave you a vision then nothing else matters. It is okay if everyone doesn’t understand your vision because he gave it to you not them.

When it comes to minors all departments don’t require you to have a minor along with what your majoring in. But for those that do, a minor is a secondary field that you want to specialize in while you are working on your major. Your major is what your intended career is, but your minor is something you pursue because of your personal interests. With minors you typically have to maintain an C or above in order to not retake any classes and the same goes for what you are majoring in.

I did say I was going to say why I didn’t declare my major til my junior year and this is why when I transferred to the school I received my BA from I was taking Biology courses. I thought I wanted to go to med school and work in a hospital. But I wasn’t as excited and engaged as one should be. So one day I was sitting in my class and physically I was there but mentally my mind was elsewhere. It wasn’t in my heart to do as I thought before. I talked to my adviser and she suggested that I pray about it and I did. I ended up transferring out that department and transferring to the College of Liberal Arts Department and declaring my major as Psychology. It was the best decision that I made and God set it on my heart to do. Yes, there were people who had their opinions about it but it didn’t matter. I was following my heart and I have no regrets about it!

I hope you ladies enjoy reading this post and find it helpful! Remember seek God and follow your heart in all that you do!


Be Blessed



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