Campus Involvement


Greetings and Blessings!!!

Hope you ladies are doing well and are getting prepared to start school!! In this post I would like to talk to you about becoming involved in extra curricular activities. Getting involved on campus will help you become familiar with your respective college or university and the surrounding community. There are a number of different benefits associated with becoming involved in college activities. The most essential and personal one would be connecting. You will be able to forge many friendships with individuals. You will meet and interrelate with people from all walks of life not only from your school but other schools as well. Also, you will be able to interact and network with diverse professionals within their field and other supportive fields. Being able to make these connections will help you feel included as well as being exposed to the diverse culture, opinions, and opportunities. Getting involved will also be beneficial in terms of that it will enrich your college experience. The things that you learn while participating in extracurricular activities can have a significant impact on your college life and on your future career.

Another benefit would be of course having fun! The main purpose in attending school is for you to further your education but it is important to find some form of release from all that studying because it can become overwhelming. So, getting involved with extracurricular activities and having fun will help you relax and assuage any anxiety about your classes.



Ways to Get Involved 

First, you must look at your planner to make sure there is time to devote to possible activities. It is important that you  avoid over extending yourself to prevent undue stress and/or making a commitment that you are unable to fulfill.

Second, you can go to the Student Activities Office to find out the different organizations and programs existing on campus. You can become part of a sports team, member of a dance team, representatives in the student government (SGA), members or officers of a social club, debate team, etc.

Third, attend club fairs and other events to learn as much as possible about the different organizations and activities to make sure these are a good fit. Choose things that appeal to you and that may be of use later once you graduate. Get all the information you can about the organization or activity before committing or signing up with that group!!

Many of these organizations require you to keep and maintain a certain GPA in order to join and to remain as members therefore, you can’t afford to ignore your studies. It is important that you find the balance between school work and extracurricular activities. There is a benefit in taking a total break from studying it helps you become refreshed and get back to studying with more energy. It is not mandatory to become involved in something during your college years. But it is helpfully and it could open the door to many opportunities and possibilities. Hope you find this post helpful!!!


Be Blessed



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