An open letter to all incoming college freshman


Greetings and Blessings!!

Hope you ladies are doing well!! I hope for those who have started school this week that you are getting comfortable with getting familiar with your classes, professors/teachers, and the campus itself. For those who are looking to start next week, I hope you are prepared and focused and excited for this new adventure. The first couple of weeks can be rather nerve racking because you are going all over campus trying to find this building or that building where your class is being held in. If you have a map of the campus, I advise that you use it so that you can familiarize yourself with where the different buildings are on your college campus. Also, there is nothing wrong with asking another student or faculty member where a particular building is. There are many welcome back activities that will be taking place during this time as well. These welcome back activities are a great way to meet and greet and interact with fellow incoming freshman and upper classmen as well.

Take and embrace these first couple of weeks in because once they are over it will be time for you to focus on your schoolwork. Your studies are important and it is important that you find a balance that works for you of dedicating time to study and also find some time to have fun. Yes, you will have to put your phone away while you are in class. There is nothing that you will miss on social media for that time you are in class! No professor or teacher likes when a student(s) is on their phone while they are giving a lecture! You may think your professor or teacher doesn’t notice when you check your phone but they do! Don’t skip class no matter how boring it may be, if you miss a day you miss so much! Don’t stress yourself out too much and you will make mistakes and it is okay! This is your time to find out who you are and for you to embrace the uncertainties and let them help guide you to your inner self and your true calling. You don’t have to have everything figured out now and no one excepts you to. So take these next four or five years of your college experience and embrace the challenges, struggles, ups and downs, good and bad, and let it develop you into the person that God wants you to be. I pray that you all have great first semester and I look forward to continue writing about the college experience.

Be Blessed


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