Effective Studying Tips For College


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Greetings and Blessings!!

I hope you ladies are doing well! I wanted to share with you all some great effective studying tips. Learning how to study can be tricky, but with the right tips and ticks, you can conqueror your studying woes. Effective studying habits are pretty much the essential key to having a successful college career. So here are some great studying tips.



Make a Study Guide

Whether or not your professor or teacher gives you a study guide for an exam, making a study guide is very helpful when studying for tests. Go through the textbook, notes, and any other material and write down any information that you think may be on the test such as important concepts, definitions, and formulas.

Make Flash Cards

Flash cards are helpful tools in remembering vocabulary, formulas, and key concepts. They are also easy to carry around with you so you can review them anytime. Also, highlighters works wonders when it comes to studying information that is important.

Quiz Yourself

To ensure that you are prepared for your test, make a mock quiz to test how well you know the material. Write down a list of keywords or questions and make sure to leave room underneath each one. Then, pretend that you’re taking the test and write down as much as you can.

Set Time Goals

Setting time goals for yourself will help make sure that you stay on track especially when you have time constraints.

Remember to Take Breaks

Don’t try and cram all the information that you are reading and don’t try to cram it all in the day before or day of your test or exam! You need to take short breaks to allow your brain to process and retain the information. Otherwise, you may confuse yourself or forget something you have already studied. Taking a 10-15 min study break is pretty much standard, you don’t want to take too long of a break because you’ll never get back to studying!

Don’t Study Alone

If you find that you can’t study in total silence then play some music on low but if you find yourself becoming distracted by it then find another method. If studying alone works for you then great! But there is nothing wrong with scheduling and meeting up with some of your classmates to study together.

Get lots of sleep

Make sure that you are getting a full night of sleep. By getting a full night of sleep, you are usually more alert, more focused and learn things easier. Try to keep your sleep schedule as consistent as possible.


Everyone is different, what may work for one may not work for another. So find what works for you, everyone can develop effective study habits. Also,  remember to not stress yourself out about anything. If you don’t do as well on your first test, quiz, or exam its okay. Develop a study habit and you’ll do great the next time! Hope you all find these tips useful and helpful!!


Be Blessed


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