MYGirls: Let’s Talk About Academics


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Hi there precious young girls!!!


So last Friday, I completed Part 2 of the 2-Part mini-series, Appearance & Personal Hygiene.  The focuses were taking care of yourself, and presenting the best of yourself.

While the next blog is Academics, I think @ has this department covered.  She is an expert in academic preparation:  staying on top of your grades, effective study habits, campus involvement, and financial responsibilities (for college students, so this would mean our 18-year-old MYGirls).  Follow her blog entries for great academic advice!!

the young girl studying to her examination


Before I go, I do want to leave you with a few pointers on balancing academics with other aspects in your lives:


Balance your time between academics and friends.  We love spending time with our friends.  We love to hang out, go to the mall, the beach, to each other’s homes, and we love relax a little, without responsibility.  However, we DO have responsibilities.  Young girls, you are responsible for completing your own classwork, completing and turning in your own homework.  You are responsible for your own studying, and you must develop your own study habits (for example:  you might not be able to concentrate on your work with music playing, even though your friend can).  You are responsible for making good grades.  Because your name is the only name on your report card.  So, let your name shine in lights with awesome grades!!


Balance your time between academics and extra-curricular activities.  We love to play sports.  We love to be involved on campus.  We love to gather with our friends and our peers for club meetings, school dances, team tryouts, school play auditions, talent shows, and other fun activities.  These exciting things to do, really stimulate the artistic sides of us.  They can also interfere with our academic progress.  Young girls, understand that extra-curricular activities are an EXTRA part of school; they do not make up the entire reason for being in school, and should not be the only reason for focusing on your studies and maintaining good grades.  Campus involvement is very important, as it makes for a well-rounded student . . . make sure, young girls, that you put scholastic activities at the same level of importance.  Maybe even a little higher.
**All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl, but no work and all play keeps Jill from graduating! 






Balance your time between academics and boyfriends.  In school, we sometimes find that special someone of the opposite sex, who makes us laugh, comforts us when we cry, buys us lunch and other nice things, carries our books for us, defends us, protects us from harm, supports us at our games, and might even help us study.  Just like our friends, we need to find time away from our boyfriends to stay on track with our studies.  Love is a beautiful thing, and sometimes, we find it at a young age.  Young girls, please understand that love is a very strong word, with a very deep meaning, and you might be too young to fully understand it.  When you’re in love, it can take your mind away from so many things . . . including your responsibilities.  Our boyfriends cannot turn in our work for us to our teachers.  You must find a balance between the boy you love, and the schoolwork that will get you to the next level.  Talk to your parent(s) about it!


Balance your time between academics and household chores.  Our parents put a humongous effort into raising us.  Their children.  Their offspring.  Their reflections.  We must honor our parents.  Therefore, we must adhere to the responsibilities they give us, as well as our scholastic responsibilities.  When Mom says to wash the dishes, we do so.  When Dad says to clean our rooms, we do so.  When we are told o vacuum the livingroom floor, we do so.  No questions asked.  Why?  Because our parents are molding us into well-rounded individuals who can later function in life, as adults.  This may sound like a bit much, but truthfully, young girls, it’s not.  With time management and learning how to balance everything, it’s a piece of cake!


Young girls, it helps to invest in an organizer.  Or a monthly planner for the year. cd90133890fa6c20e977ac3162c31815

In it, write down all homework assignments, class projects, club meetings, team practice dates & times, and other important school-oriented responsibilities.  You can also write down your household responsibilities, like when you are to wash the dishes, do the laundry, clean the bathroom, clean your room, cook, and anything else your parent(s) delegate as your task.  Besides, when you leave for college, you might attend a college or university far away from your family.  So life skills must be intact if you plan to succeed on your own . . . which I’m sure you all want to eventually do!





Let’s stay focused!!  Have a beautiful weekend, young girls.


Next Friday’s blog:  Leadership & Self-Esteem


-Kahlelah, “MYGirls”

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