Finishing The Semester Off Strong



Greetings and Blessings!!

I hope you all are doing well! I hope that you all had a great and wonderful time for Thanksgiving! I hope that you all that were home for the holiday took the time to cherish the moments that was spent with loved ones. If you didn’t make it home I hope that whoever you spent the day with that you also cherished the moments that were made. We should be thankful EVERYDAY not just one day out of the year! The school year is winding down and the semester will be done with for the year. Final exams will be coming up within the first few weeks of December. I hope and pray that you all do well on your tests, exams, final projects, etc.

I hope that you all have become adjusted to being college and have gotten to experience some great moments from the first half of your freshman year. I hope that you all continue to work in finding yourselves and feeling out what you want to do in life. It is important to take this time of your life and figure out what you want to do. This is not about what others want for you. It is great to have the opinion or advice of others. But it is important to remember to follow what is in YOUR heart.

No matter what obstacle or setback that you have faced thus far continue to press and push forward towards your goals. There will be days where you think, is any of this worth it and there are times where you are wanting to give up and give in. But don’t let what comes your way stop you. Life is all about the journey so take every opportunity that is being offered and pray and seek the guidance of God about it. Keep him first in all that you do and connect yourselves with individuals that will push you, pray for you, encourage you, inspire you, etc. Be who you are meant to be and not what the world wants you to be!

Be Blessed



Christmas Caring Holiday Basket – Nominate & Donate

Good evening GU4Ap supporters!

Here we are another year giving back to others. We love doing many things and mentoring and giving back is just a few favorites! Last year we were able to give away gift bags to two young ladies in need for Christmas, and a few years before that we did a Christmas drive in Cabazon, CA where we wrapped up clothes & shoes that were in great condition for families in need. Both events were a success and we wanted to do something for our girls this year.


We would like to put together a nice basket for one young lady anywhere in the United States that is in need.

Here are the directions on how you can do that:

Email us their name, what city and state they live in, the things you know they like and why you are nominating them. There is no set length on how long this information needs to be, it is for our records on indicating if the young lady will be chosen or not so put some thought and time in it.


We will need monetary donations of any amount. We aren’t going to give away items we know aren’t things that could be gifted. We want to make this a great gesture for a young girl in NEED very special. This is not to say we are purchasing expensive things.

If you make items you think a young girl could use, clothing, accessories, bath & body, an author and have a book you want to gift please let us know.

**If you are an organization that would like to help make this happen and add another young lady that can be gifted of a basket that we all can put together please contact us no later than Nov. 17th via email.

Nominations need to be in no later than

Nov. 28th at 9PM PST.

Donations will need to be sent and mailed no later than Dec. 8th

Email us at

Call: 951-572-2240

Holiday Survival Guide

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Greetings and Blessings!!

Hope you all are doing well! Hope the semester is going well for each of you. The time is winding down and the semester will be over with before you know it. Just wanted to share with you some tips in surviving the Thanksgiving and winter break when you return back home. I am sure that many of you are excited to get back home, sleep in your own bed, have those home cooked meals, etc. But heading home for holiday break can present some unexpected challenges. Before you left home, there was some type of structure where you may or may not had a curfew, chores, etc and now since being away at school  you’ve gained this new found freedom and blossoming independence. Going home can at times create this clash with parents and/or guardians.

Returning home for winter break although promising weeks of rest and relaxation and time with friends and family can often be a difficult adjustment for college student especially freshman. You may be used to coming and going as you please, living on your own and making your own decisions, and the biggest challenge is being back under your parents’ roof with certain expectations. You may feel as though your family will be nagging you about little things that they didn’t get to do while you were away. Also, while being home you may feel as though you can’t do what you want to do when you want to do it.

When dealing with being back home it is important to work out any issues or problems and learn how to compromise. Being able to talk things out with your family and coming to a common ground and understanding can make the winter break more pleasant. Even seeing old friends from school can present some challenges. Group dynamics may be greatly changed and can throw everyone into a bit of a funk. Fortunately, however, friendships grow and change, and seeing this “new” part of your old friends can be an exciting part of your friendship, even if it’s a little unnerving at first.


It can be quite an experience when going back home for the first time since being away from home. Things and people may not be the same as before but that is all apart of life. Enjoy this first holiday return. Enjoying spending time with the ones you love most and cherish those memories.


Be Blessed