Let’s Talk About Health (Part 1: Diet)


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It has been quite a while since our last MYGirls Blog Series entry.  Many factors came into play, life changes took place, and for a while, I became overwhelmed.  I wasn’t quite sure how to pull myself out of the state I was in, and in turn, I neglected you beautiful young girls.  I want to begin this new blog entry by first saying that I apologize for disappearing for such a long period of time.  Even though it is how I chose to cope with my personal circumstances, becoming silent was not my intention.  Again, pretty young girls, I apologize for my absence, and I will do all that I can in order for it to not happen again.

(I will actually further elaborate on my previous situation, in my next entry, Let’s Talk About Health (Part 2:  Mentality), which will be from first-hand personal experience.)

Today, however, we will be discussing something very important to the growth and health of all young girls around the world:  diet.



So, why is your diet so important???  Well, your health is directly related to the foods you eat.  What you consume affects your weight, height (as you are still in the growth years), hair, mood, energy, sleep patterns & comfort, defenses against diseases . . . your entire bodily system can either be enhanced or inhibited simply by what you choose to eat.  What tastes good to you, might not be good for you:  there is a difference between real food (meat from animals, fruits & vegetables from plants, whole grains, dairy products), and processed food (most fast foods like McDonald’s, imitation foods tasting like the real foods they are made to look like).  Real foods fortify your body with the proper nutrients to sustain healthy living, while processed foods are filled with empty calories, only made to make you “full.”

junk-food-vs-healthy-food-for-kids-food-wallpaper-lxildrrfAccordingly, processed foods may taste good to you, but they are not good for you, and will negatively affect your entire bodily system.

Now, while we know that processed [junk] foods affect us all the same way–negatively–it is important for us to understand that real [healthy] foods enhance us differently.  Since our bodies are different, our systems will respond to different foods in various ways, not always synonymous to others.

Therefore, there are many different diets. 1406882262

By now, we should all be familiar with the food pyramid, the chart that displays the different food groups (meat & protein, dairy, whole grains, fruit, vegetable), with a very small category for fatty, oily, and sugary foods . . . to be eaten sparingly.


Some young girls follow diets with whole grains as the largest portion to consume.


And some young girls follow diets with vegetables as the largest portion to consume.


Some young girls follow diets that separate food group components to stress a strict eating routine . . .


. . . while some young girls follow diets that eliminate food groups altogether for an even more strict routine.

pie chart of food pyramidBrilliant young girls, it is imperative to know that in order to fully understand your bodies, you must also understand how your bodies receive and react to certain foods.  Talk with your parents or guardians . . . even your counselors and/or teachers . . . about any health concerns, especially if you would like to learn news ways to follow healthy diets.  For, you need food to live . . . so, let’s vow to live long, healthy lives!


— Kahlelah, MYGirls

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