Age Appropriate Back to School Fashion Outfits for Young Girls…

Happy Fashion Friday young ladies,

I wanted to share some cute but fashionable items that are age appropriate for 11-18 year old girls. Hear me out, I know you like shopping at stores where they have clothing for women that shows off curves and body parts but don’t you want to be respected?

You’re probably thinking, “I’m so turned off by what she’s saying now” no but really, your clothing says a lot before you can even say hello or have a formal conversation with someone, so let’s either reevaluate the items in our closets or rethink items we plan to purchase for the school year.

It’s been brought to my attention that many of you have started school and probably think this couldn’t be useful for you, but in fact it is…Let us look at t-shirts

Shirts with words, messages, pictures and if you can see through them:

-Is it positive?

-Does it give off the wrong message?

-Is what is on my shirt disturbing?

-Can you see my bra?

Now let’s look at outfits:

A great Fall look

Great outfit for high school girls

Dance attire

You can still look cute and dress your age ladies…

We hope you, and maybe parents enjoyed this post as well. We aren’t saying we are experts at styling young girls, but what we’ve shown here are great alternatives and ideas that you can take…

Fashion Friday| Faux Bob for Long Hair

Hey MYGirls & visitors (you should change that & be a part of the team:)

Definition of faux: /fō/ adjective made in imitation; artificial. “a string of faux pearls”

If you’re someone who has long/shoulder length hair and want to change your look, the faux bob is something great to try out! There are different techniques to achieving a haircut

Mia Ray of Confessions of A Glamaholic did a blog post on how her stylist achieved a faux bob by using hairpins, hairspray & a flatiron. Below are photos of her look:

Confessions of a Glamaholic

Confessions of a Glamaholic

Mia Ray has natural hair so this is a look that can be achieved by straightening your hair. Also if you are natural and unsure about adding heat to your hair, I’m sure you can achieve a Faux bob by stretching your hair with different techniques. Check out her post on more details about this look.

Below you can find a tutorial on how to achieve the Faux bob with long straight hair by using Jackie aka Lilpumpkinpie05 of Makeup Game On Point:


Also, check out Allison Wilburn MUA tutorial as well with a twist!

Make sure you add your own touch to it and play with it…if you do this look, please tag us on Instagram @GirlsUnite4APurpose

Fashion Friday in Dubai!

Hello all you beautiful people, I hope you are all well and excited for the weekend.

If you don’t follow my personal blog then you probably won’t know that I am actually in Dubai at the moment, which is amazing. However it it very different to England, and a lot of the world. I found finding outfits to pack quite difficult as I should keep my shoulders and knees (and everything between) covered, as if adapting to the crazy heat wasn’t hard enough! So as I always do, I headed online to find inspiration for outfits. I started with looking on my usual websites for ideas and everything was too short or too revealing, then after a few hours of me getting more and more stressed I ended up typing things like ‘what to wear in Dubai’ and ‘what to pack for Dubai’ and I found that there is very little help online for outfit inspirations for travelling to places such as Dubai. It also doesn’t help that I am very petite so anything longer than my knee’s makes me look like I’ve gone missing from a snow white film. So I tried my best to make my outfits comply by the rules and be respectful to the locals yet still be somewhat fashionable and flattering.

I would just like to point out that tourists do not HAVE to be covered however I did not want to be disrespectful to the locals and I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable, so it was my choice to be covered up. I would suggest you stay covered up when travelling to anywhere in the UAE (I think in Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia the rules are to be covered, so you HAVE to cover up), even in Dubai the police and locals will stop you if you look too revealing and ask you to cover up slightly.

So today I thought I would share a few of the outfits I have worn so far, you’ll have to excuse the lack of make up and frizzy hair, it is incredible hot and humid here!


Pink Dress – New Look

Shoes – Primark

Kimono – Internacionale

Head Band and Belt – New Look

Sunglasses – Stall at Reading Music Festival


Colour Splash Flower Maxi Dress – Ax Paris

Green Cropped Cardi – Warehouse

Gold Statement Rings – New Look



Black Cropped Cardi – F&F

Black Vest Top – New Look

Pink Flowy Trousers – Ebay


FlipFlops – Piping Hot flip flops


Brown Dress – New Look

All other items have been worn in the other photographs.


So you can see a recurring theme in all of these pictures, lots of covering up thus complying with the rules, I’ve been respectful with the skin I am showing however had my own spin on the outfits. What do you think of my outfit choices and what would you suggest I wear?

As always, thank you for reading and I will see you next week for Fashion Friday! If there is anything in particular you would like me to style/talk about then please let me know.



Fashion Friday!

Hi all and welcome to this weeks fashion Friday! I thought I would share with you an item I am loving for Spring – Crop Tops! As it is starting to get warmer (only slightly in England!) I am seeing more and more crop tops being worn, some looking lovely and some – not so nice. Forget the saying ‘less is more’ when it comes to clothing, it doesn’t count, there is no point in wearing a crop top and hot pants if you are going to stand on the street shivering! So I thought I would share with you some crop tops I am loving and how I would wear them! I have tried to keep the prices low, as always, and I have also approximately changed the prices from UK Pounds to US Dollars as I know a lot of you readers are American. I have done three outfits, from three stores, ASOS, Forever 21 and New Look, so lets begin!



I just love this outfit for when it coming into spring, the bright yellow high waist shorts that aren’t showing any bum(!) are a lovely touch to the plain black off the shoulder cropped tee and I think paired with plain black sandals would just look perfect, I think the shorts are just enough so you don’t need statement shoes.

90’s Crop Top with Off the Shoulder Detail – £8/$13

High Waist Linen Shorts – £18.00/$29

Faculty Leather Flat Sandals – £25.00/$41

Forever 21


I love this funky long sleeve tee for these days that aren’t that warm, I think paired with a plain skater skirt and black pimsolls make for a perfect casual outfit.

Pucker Up Crop Top – £7.99/$13

Classis Skater Skirt – £8.25/$13

Classic Canvas Pimsolls – £6.00/$10

New Look


I think this would be perfect for when the evenings start to get warmer, this outfit would work well paired with a black skirt and black heels, but as I am trying to move away from wearing as much black I thought I would try pairing it with white! I thought this flowy butterfly crop top was just so cute, and the perfect amount of print to pair with a plain outfit.

Parisian Coral Butterfly Print Bralet Top – £14.99/$24

White Wavy Textured Pencil Skirt – £17.99/$29

Nude Leather Block Heel Platform Sandals – £39.99/$66

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks Fashion Friday post, if there is anything you would like to know how I would style then please do let me know!

Bex  xoxo

Fashion Friday

Welcome to the first of many ‘Fashion Fridays’, where I will be telling you what fashion items I have loved this week.

I should probably start with introducing myself, my name is Bex and I am the new blogger on this page, and I am so excited to get to know you all. I love everything fashion and beauty and I cannot wait to share my opinions with you! I also like to bargain hunt and won’t spend a stupid amount on anything that isn’t worth it, so I will share my finds with you!

So lets get into it. I am currently loving Forever 21, which is similar to a store we have in the UK called Primark. We have a few Forever 21 stores in the UK but it is mainly in the US, and I found my love for the store when I was last in New York. I’ve been searching online for my new favourite outfits for the transition between winter and spring, and the weather is starting to get slightly warmer (England’s weather is not good ever really, but still!). I usually go through the sale items as well as items on the main site as this is the best way to find deals, but I saw this skirt on the main site and thought I would share with you a few ideas on how to dress it up or dress it down. I have searched both the US and UK site to find prices in both US Dollars and UK sterling.

Tropical Dream Midi Skirt  (£10.50/$12.80) is my main item in this post, I just love the bright summery colours and I feel paired with the right accessories will be perfect for adding that bit of sunshine into the rainy days!
ImageBasic Cropped Tee £4.10/$6.80
Linked Elephant Pendant Necklace £2.30/$3.80
Sleek Pointed Toe Flats £11.90/$19.80
Favorite Cutout Crop Top £10.50/$12.80
Luxe Chain-link Necklace £5.307/$8.80
Refined D’Orsay Wedges £24.90/$29.80

Modernist Net Crop Top £18.80/$22.80
Simply Chic Layered Chain Necklace £5.90/$9.80
Studded Cowboy Booties £27.90/$32.80
Please let me know what you think of these outfits and feel free to ask any questions.
Bex  xoxo