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Hey there, bright young girls!!


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Happy-new-year-kids-drawing-2015 HAPPY NEW YEAR, YOUNG GIRLS!!! It has been quite a while since our last posting of upcoming events for 2014 . . . and now we are back, revamped and ready!  Starting today, MYEvents will feature events of which GU4AP will either be an attendee or active participant.  While we want to support others . . . we strongly believe that the highest level of support begins at home base.  As we grow within, we also grow with others!!

MYEvents will list all upcoming events.  They will either be free & open to the community, by RSVP, or by ticket purchase.  If you see an event listed, YOU’RE INVITED!!






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Moreno Valley Unified School District is seeking a Parent Ambassador.  As a Parent Ambassador, you will promote a positive relationship between parents, community, and the school district.  Among many other important duties, you will also encourage parental involvement in school, such as attending Open House, Back-to-School Night, etc.
Stipend:  $300/month
Workdays:  Days & times will vary
Deadline:  Open until filled
Requirements:  Completed application, two (2) signed letters of recommendation, copy of driver’s license

For more information, contact Human Resources Division, (951) 571-7500, ext. 17575

Moreno Valley Unified School District
25634 Alessandro Blvd.
Moreno Valley, CA 92553





Help Youth Through Golf is offering free weekly golf clinics for children ages 5 to 17, held at Kelly Park, every Saturday, 1:00-3:00pm, in Compton, CA.
For more information please contact Luis Batson, (562) 233-9429






FREE!!  Parenting Classes for Africans, African Americans, and Caribbeans.
Unfortunately NO court- or D.C.F.S.-ordered clientele will be accepted.
Call (323) 777-3120 for more information.

Brought to you by the Coalition of Mental health Professionals, Inc.
9219 S. Broadway Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90003




Staying in the know with what’s going on in the community, helps us to stay connected to each other. and keep our youth with an optimistic mindset.  We must work together for the good of our world, our countries, our states, our nations, our cultures, our communities, our neighborhoods, our families . . . and ourselves.  For we are all “family.”  Fellow members of the human race.  We need each other more than we might know.

Share these events with your families.  And if there are any events that you know of and would like to share with MYGirls, please contact me, and I will list them.  Let’s get involved, young girls!!

-Kahlelah, MYGirls


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Let’s Talk About Health (Part 1: Diet)


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*~MYGirls Blog Series will run every Friday evening at 6:00pm, Pacific Standard Time. ~*



It has been quite a while since our last MYGirls Blog Series entry.  Many factors came into play, life changes took place, and for a while, I became overwhelmed.  I wasn’t quite sure how to pull myself out of the state I was in, and in turn, I neglected you beautiful young girls.  I want to begin this new blog entry by first saying that I apologize for disappearing for such a long period of time.  Even though it is how I chose to cope with my personal circumstances, becoming silent was not my intention.  Again, pretty young girls, I apologize for my absence, and I will do all that I can in order for it to not happen again.

(I will actually further elaborate on my previous situation, in my next entry, Let’s Talk About Health (Part 2:  Mentality), which will be from first-hand personal experience.)

Today, however, we will be discussing something very important to the growth and health of all young girls around the world:  diet.



So, why is your diet so important???  Well, your health is directly related to the foods you eat.  What you consume affects your weight, height (as you are still in the growth years), hair, mood, energy, sleep patterns & comfort, defenses against diseases . . . your entire bodily system can either be enhanced or inhibited simply by what you choose to eat.  What tastes good to you, might not be good for you:  there is a difference between real food (meat from animals, fruits & vegetables from plants, whole grains, dairy products), and processed food (most fast foods like McDonald’s, imitation foods tasting like the real foods they are made to look like).  Real foods fortify your body with the proper nutrients to sustain healthy living, while processed foods are filled with empty calories, only made to make you “full.”

junk-food-vs-healthy-food-for-kids-food-wallpaper-lxildrrfAccordingly, processed foods may taste good to you, but they are not good for you, and will negatively affect your entire bodily system.

Now, while we know that processed [junk] foods affect us all the same way–negatively–it is important for us to understand that real [healthy] foods enhance us differently.  Since our bodies are different, our systems will respond to different foods in various ways, not always synonymous to others.

Therefore, there are many different diets. 1406882262

By now, we should all be familiar with the food pyramid, the chart that displays the different food groups (meat & protein, dairy, whole grains, fruit, vegetable), with a very small category for fatty, oily, and sugary foods . . . to be eaten sparingly.


Some young girls follow diets with whole grains as the largest portion to consume.


And some young girls follow diets with vegetables as the largest portion to consume.


Some young girls follow diets that separate food group components to stress a strict eating routine . . .


. . . while some young girls follow diets that eliminate food groups altogether for an even more strict routine.

pie chart of food pyramidBrilliant young girls, it is imperative to know that in order to fully understand your bodies, you must also understand how your bodies receive and react to certain foods.  Talk with your parents or guardians . . . even your counselors and/or teachers . . . about any health concerns, especially if you would like to learn news ways to follow healthy diets.  For, you need food to live . . . so, let’s vow to live long, healthy lives!


— Kahlelah, MYGirls

Finishing The Semester Off Strong



Greetings and Blessings!!

I hope you all are doing well! I hope that you all had a great and wonderful time for Thanksgiving! I hope that you all that were home for the holiday took the time to cherish the moments that was spent with loved ones. If you didn’t make it home I hope that whoever you spent the day with that you also cherished the moments that were made. We should be thankful EVERYDAY not just one day out of the year! The school year is winding down and the semester will be done with for the year. Final exams will be coming up within the first few weeks of December. I hope and pray that you all do well on your tests, exams, final projects, etc.

I hope that you all have become adjusted to being college and have gotten to experience some great moments from the first half of your freshman year. I hope that you all continue to work in finding yourselves and feeling out what you want to do in life. It is important to take this time of your life and figure out what you want to do. This is not about what others want for you. It is great to have the opinion or advice of others. But it is important to remember to follow what is in YOUR heart.

No matter what obstacle or setback that you have faced thus far continue to press and push forward towards your goals. There will be days where you think, is any of this worth it and there are times where you are wanting to give up and give in. But don’t let what comes your way stop you. Life is all about the journey so take every opportunity that is being offered and pray and seek the guidance of God about it. Keep him first in all that you do and connect yourselves with individuals that will push you, pray for you, encourage you, inspire you, etc. Be who you are meant to be and not what the world wants you to be!

Be Blessed



Holiday Survival Guide

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Greetings and Blessings!!

Hope you all are doing well! Hope the semester is going well for each of you. The time is winding down and the semester will be over with before you know it. Just wanted to share with you some tips in surviving the Thanksgiving and winter break when you return back home. I am sure that many of you are excited to get back home, sleep in your own bed, have those home cooked meals, etc. But heading home for holiday break can present some unexpected challenges. Before you left home, there was some type of structure where you may or may not had a curfew, chores, etc and now since being away at school  you’ve gained this new found freedom and blossoming independence. Going home can at times create this clash with parents and/or guardians.

Returning home for winter break although promising weeks of rest and relaxation and time with friends and family can often be a difficult adjustment for college student especially freshman. You may be used to coming and going as you please, living on your own and making your own decisions, and the biggest challenge is being back under your parents’ roof with certain expectations. You may feel as though your family will be nagging you about little things that they didn’t get to do while you were away. Also, while being home you may feel as though you can’t do what you want to do when you want to do it.

When dealing with being back home it is important to work out any issues or problems and learn how to compromise. Being able to talk things out with your family and coming to a common ground and understanding can make the winter break more pleasant. Even seeing old friends from school can present some challenges. Group dynamics may be greatly changed and can throw everyone into a bit of a funk. Fortunately, however, friendships grow and change, and seeing this “new” part of your old friends can be an exciting part of your friendship, even if it’s a little unnerving at first.


It can be quite an experience when going back home for the first time since being away from home. Things and people may not be the same as before but that is all apart of life. Enjoy this first holiday return. Enjoying spending time with the ones you love most and cherish those memories.


Be Blessed



My College Experience



Greetings and Blessings!!!

I hope you all are doing well. I also hope that you all have somewhat become adjusted to living the college life and being a freshman. School should be winding down soon because of the Holiday breaks that are coming up. But in the mean time, I hope you all are studying and completing any make-up work for this semester. In this post I wanted to share and talk with you all my college experience. Granted, it wasn’t always the best time but I wouldn’t trade in the memories I have for nothing. I started off going out of state all the way to Lincoln University in Missouri. I spent a year and a half there. It was a good experience but it was a small part town and a small university. After spending a year and a half there, I transferred to Houston, TX to attend Texas Southern University where I eventually obtain my BA from. Being in Houston and just in the state of Texas overall was a bit overwhelming because everything is so big and spacious and it takes forever and a day to get somewhere here. I felt like a small fish in a big pond. But after being here going on now years now, I have gotten pretty used to Houston and I’ve come to like it here.

Being in college has been a blessing because I have learned so much from my time there. I cherish all the memories the good and the bad ones because each has shaped me into the person that I am growing in to. I have gained a great deal of insight in finding myself and I am still in the process of finding myself. As I have written tips about not stressing and worrying about things, I was that girl who would stress or worry about things to the max. It only ended up hurting me because I didn’t take the steps that I have shared with you all in mind. But thankfully, I’ve gotten better from that. I have gain and lost friendships while I was in school. People who I thought were going to be there with and for me to the end turn out not to be and the ones I thought weren’t going to be there at all are still here today.

I changed my major twice!! I thought I knew what I wanted to do but it turns out that I had something else in mind to do as for as my career goes. There of course where people who had voiced their opinion about me changing my major. But I knew at the time that I couldn’t pay attend to that because in my heart I knew I wanted to pursue this profession and it didn’t matter what anybody else had to say or think. I went to the games and was active member of my school’s Debate Team. That was a wonderfully experience because it taught me that I have voice and that I matter. Being on the Debate Team kind of broke me out of my shell and I enjoyed going on the tournaments whether in or out of state and being able to travel out of the country to Argentina for international competition.

I believe that college is what you make it. There will be ups and down, good times, bad times but that’s all apart of life. Being in college you get to experience a number of things and opportunities. In college, you get to find out who you are and what makes you stand out from the rest. It’s not about fitting in but about finding your passion in life. It’s about going after your dreams, goals, and aspirations. I hope you all continue to strive to be the best version of you that you can be. There will be gains and there will be loses but that’s all about growing into the person you know you are meant to be.


Be Blessed


GU4AP| Join Our Team! It Doesn’t Matter Where You Are…

Good afternoon GU4AP Supporters!

We wanted to come to you today and share the different volunteer opportunities that we have currently that need to be filled before January 2015. As some of you may know we are partner with a women’s network called Queens Unite Everywhere in which caters to women 19 & up on a business and personal aspect. Check out their website and blog for more information about what they do and offer. Membership is free so mothers if you’re interested in getting involved in something positive and uplifting in which your young girl, niece or mentee will graduate into. We want you to have that support system.


Girls Unite 4 A Purpose is an organization and brand that caters to women and young girls. Mentoring Yong Girls is a mentoring program for girls 11-18 years old. We are partnered with Queens Unite Everywhere which is a fairly new online network for women anywhere in the world.

Mentoring Young Girls

-Assistant Director (Must live in the Inland Empire –Cali)

-Mentors (Must live in the Inland Empire –Cali)

-Street team (women and youth girls)

-Care Package Assistant

-Admin staff(Must live in the Inland Empire –Cali)

Email: for more information or to apply

Queens Unite Everywhere


-Event Leader

-Event members

-Blogger/Writer Admin

Email: for more information or to apply.

We thank you for your support please help us meet these goals by either dedicating your time or sharing this information with others who may be interested.