Meet The MYGirls Team

AshleyStangeOur Founder

Ashley Strange – was given the vision by God to start a mentoring group for young girls in the Inland Empire when she was taking a Women Studies course during winter 2010.  She’s always had a heart to give and encourage others around her, but it was after she graduated from Cal State University of San Bernardino is when she took the time to serve young girls in her community. She knew the struggle of running low on financial aid funds and needing personal items, food, and school supplies for the Quarter. That is how our Care Package Assistance was birthed.  Her and a few friends started out paying for everything for workshops, drives, and care packages until she felt comfortable asking others for help as well. Some people aren’t open to helping programs or organizations that are geared toward helping a population until it’s a charity organization that is recognized under the 501(c)(3). She is working hard toward accomplishing that goal in order to expand and cover areas to assist more girls.

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Event Coordinator

Breyawna Amis is twenty-eight, and is currently located in California. Breyawna is currently pursuing her Doctorate degree in Psychology and Criminology with the ultimate goal of continuing to help children who suffer with mental health disorders and crime. Her passion since early in life has been to help those around her and improve the conditions of society by providing individuals with life training skills so that they are able to be productive contributors in society. Breyawna currently works to serve children who are severely emotionally disturbed in an attempt to improve the quality of life that they experience and help to maintain their placement within their homes in an attempt to prevent the continued overcrowding of group home facilities. Breyawna continues to work to motivate those around her to strive for greatness and believe in the endless possibilities that exist.

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Care Package Recruiter

Juaquina Carter is twenty-one, and located in Pittsburgh. She is currently pursuing her degree in Social Work in order to turn her passion for helping the community into her career. While earning her education, she is also training to be a public speaker and can be seen talking to various groups of girls about making wise decisions for their lives regarding sexual health and relationships. She also helps to plan annual young women’s conferences in the metro Atlanta area titled Give Me Five.

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Stacy Yates – I am a Leo Lady from Queens, NYC currently living/working in PA. Guidance Counselor with aspirations to become a school administrator.  Loyalty and honesty mean everything to me.   Trying to figure out life without my mother.  I am a fun-loving, down-to-business, bargain hunter, glitter lover, top of the lung singer, shirley temple sipping, organized organizer, sun shining enthusiast, reality sharer, wife, daughter, sister, friend and blogger.

BexFashion & Beauty Blogger

Bex – I am 20 and I am from a small town in the middle of England. I love everything fashion and beauty, and I currently spend my days sharing my opinion on products and clothes with others online. I work in child care and also work in a chocolate shop a few hours a week. I am a bargain hunter and always try to get the best deals, however I do like what I buy to be the best quality.


Fashion Blogger

Emily – I am a 19 year old Beauty Therapy student based in the West Midlands, England, a part time retail shop assistant and ex Fashion Design student. I’m aiming to become a make-up artist and event planner in the future. I’m business, beauty, fashion and event planning driven, but if I could spend all of my spare time baking cakes and cookies I definitely would. Blogging about all of these things that I love is something I enjoy to no ends and I am so excited to get involved with MYGirls


Fashion Blogger

Naomi – started her love for the fashion world at a young age. Her mother modeled in Paris and was always into the latest fashions, so naturally so was she. As a child, Naomi modeled in a few runway shows with her mother, and then later dabbled in print modeling in her high school years. After a few years in front of the camera she realized her creativeness lacked an outlet. After high school Naomi decided to pursue Fashion Design and enrolled into Fashion Careers College in San Diego. Two years later she graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Fashion Design and Technology. Now at the age of 25, Naomi is the face of Fashion Fridays w/ Naomi and is going on her second year with No Boiz Allowed. She is working on expanding her audience with a YouTube channel as well as a clothing line. Watch her as she blossoms into a fashion icon. – See more at: No Boiz Allowed

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