Update: Donations-Essay Contest

Hello everyone!

I would like to remind you all that we are approaching our deadline to have all of our donations in by APRIL 2nd

We’ve only received a total of $30 (the $25 doesn’t show up on the “Chip In” because it was donated before I posted that button through PayPal) so far, so we still need donations to make this happen. I hope you all will spread the word if you haven’t and if you have, continue to do so on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, F-2-F. We’ve been tweeting about this throughout the month.

Thank you for all of the support and to those that have donated. Remember this is for a great cause. Give a $1, $2, or $10 if you got it.

Thank you….Appreciate it!

Video: 5th Grader Turns a Negative into a Positive

A Detroit 5th grader writes a self help book for other kids who has lost a loved one from violence. You can tell this little is more than a giver and has a bright future. The Lord will bless him. This should motivate us to WANT to help and contribute to being by our youths side.  His book is called I Really Miss My Dad.

Check out the video