Care Packages – Year Round Assistance



If you’re a high school or college student & find that you need school supplies & feminine products please email us. If you’re a young lady who is attending high school or college & in need of assistance this time around, please let us know.

We do ship throughout the U.S.

I personally went away to college & lived on campus all 5 years I attended. So I know how it is once your financial aid is just about to run out, you need a meal, but you’re running out of the other essential items that a woman needs. Things like this makes a HUGE difference. And it’s one less stressful thing to deal with. I’ve always looked for programs like this for myself. I needed the assistance & now I’d like to bring it to life 

Ashley S. (CEO/Founder)


If you would like to donate & contribute as an (Organization, or individually) you can just click the “donate” button below & enter the dollar amount you choose.


You can mail us the following items that we’re asking for:

*1 care package can cost between $20-$25*Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur

Donations are done through PayPal & you will receive a receipt that will be emailed to you within two weeks for your records.

You can fill out the contact form or Email us at: for the mailing address to mail off items for the care packages.

We greatly appreciate the donations toward helping girls from middle school-college students…

Thank you!

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