News: 13 Year Old Bronx Girl Attends College Fall 2011

I think this is a blessing and great that this young girl is being recognized for her intelligence, goals & achievements. Daily News states that she was accepted at the University of Connecticut where she will be studying medicine. Autum Ashante will be moving closer to the university with her father this summer to prepare for her freshmen year in college.

She stated “I know it’s going to be hard, but I’m excited,” she said” This should really uplift our youth (especially minorities) to want to GO for their goals & know that there aren’t any boundaries when it comes to your future.

She’s beyond advance when it comes to quit a few things. “By age 8, she reportedly had an IQ of 149 (the average college graduate has an IQ score of 115)”

This fall, Autum Ashante will be like any other giddy freshman starting college, with one notable exception – she’s 13 years old.

The Pelham Parkway teen has been accepted at the University of Connecticut, where she plans to study medicine.
“I know it’s going to be hard, but I’m excited,” she said.
Autum will move to Norwalk, Conn., with her father, Batin Ashante, later this summer, to be close to UConn.
“What she’s doing is groundbreaking but this is not about vanity,” he said. “It’s about setting the tone for other black and Latino children who will come behind her. They’re always being told they are underachievers. We want to show this can be done.”
Petite and cheerful, Autum has always proved exceptional. She could walk at 10 months old; she could read at age 2 and by the time she was 3, she was writing and performing poetry.
By age 8, she reportedly had an IQ of 149 (the average college graduate has an IQ score of 115).
Her father took it all in stride.

“She would stand on stage and read a book and everyone used to marvel at that,” he said. “I just thought ‘How do I enhance this?’ “
Ashante, a single father, chose to home-school his daughter and sought out retired teachers from the community to help tutor her.
Autum, who speaks Arabic, Swahili and Spanish, has never set foot in a classroom, but that’s all right with her.
“My dad always says ‘the world is a classroom.’ I got to go places and do different things, so it never really is boring,” she said.
Indeed, Autum keeps quite busy. She regularly performs spoken-word poems at different venues across the country; she does muay thai, a form of kickboxing and she is working on a photography/poetry book and a spoken-word album.
In her downtime, she likes to read mysteries, work out and “play around and be crazy” with her friends.
“She is a blessing from God,” Ashante said. “All the things we’ve gotten to do together have been a blessing.”
Raising a genius though, he said, has its challenges. The 50-year-old retired Corrections officer said he sometimes struggles to keep up with Autum’s active mind.
“She tries to outthink me all the time,” he laughed. “She’s quick with it. You have to be sharp. She has me drinking ginkgo on the regular.”

Congratulations to Autum I am proud of you young lady.

Article from Daily News

Mentoring Monday…

Getting to know Shalee: I had the pleasure of interviewing Shalee recently. She’s a recent college graduate from UNC at Greensboro, who mentors, and tutors youth in her community. She’s an individual youth activist. She majored in Sociology/Criminology and minored in African American Studies. She was a member and secretary of the African American Studies Club. Also a member of Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honor Society. In her hometown she’s a member of the Power House Prayer Team, where they pray, feed the homeless and hungry and provide for those in need.

Check out our one-on-one interview:
Ashley: Do you mentor boys & girls?
I mentor both girls and boys

Ashley: What are the ages?
Usually around the ages of 11 and older (it varies).

Ashley: When mentoring, what common issues are brought to your attention?
Some of the common issues are staying out of trouble/wanting to be a part of the street life.

Ashley: Do you do one-on-one mentoring or group?
I usually do one on one mentoring sometimes through Facebook messaging and face to face while tutoring.

Ashley: What made you want to give back & tutor/mentor in your community?
I wanted to give back to community because I look around and see many kids with potential having no one to look up to or to encourage them to be he best that they can be. Even though some have gotten caught up in the fast life they are very smart individuals with some much potential if leading the right direction.

Ashley: As a leader/mentor: what advice would you give other leaders/mentors?
Shalee:  As a leader/mentor I would offer the advice of being true to who you are 100% first and foremost. Honesty with your mentees is very important because it develops trust. Also, be determined and focused on your goals, which is to help others. Be consistent in your work and never give up on them.

Ashley: What would you say are the key points of mentoring?
Shalee: The key points of mentoring would be: honesty, willingness, and being a pusher 

Ashley: Have you ever thought about working for a nonprofit org. that caters to the youth?
Shalee: Yes, I have thought about working for a non profit that caters to the youth. I would love to definitely be a part of that!

Check out her website:
Follower her on Twitter:

-Ashley N.

1st Annual Profit With A Purpose Essay Contest Recipient

If you follow us on TWITTER and FACEBOOK you know today was the day that I presented the award and gift card to our recipient Corie. She didn’t have a clue what was really going on. After I presented her gifts in a nice gift bag, her AVID Senior classmates applaud & congratulated her. She then gave me a hug. So sweet 🙂

I spoke a little about my mentoring program for girls, and they seemed very interested in it (10 girls in the class at the time). I handed out a few of my business cards so that they could contact me about their interest in signing up and doing community service.

I then later got the chance to speak to my former AVID teacher Mr. Varney about my ideas and my plans. He said he was very proud of me. He then shared some insight of the needs of the students/youth in our community. What he would like to see (Which was part of the essay question for the students “What changes would you like to see”). He then asked if I was interested in CPS (Child Protective Services). I had never thought about it. I do plan on getting my Masters soon, and hopefully my P.H.d
When I dream, I dream big. Although I tend to doubt myself from time to time, I’ve never NOT finish something that I started. I’ve never NOT stopped dreaming and writing out my goals because of my circumstances.

My actions speak louder than words, and that is more than perfect enough for me. All in all, I plan on making this an annual thing for the AVID Seniors. I was up in the air about it, but I think everything that I have in mind is my calling. With that being said, thank you to those that donated to this cause, we really appreciate it.

I have a project in mind that I plan on sharing with you all soon. Pictures of today’s event will be posted soon 🙂

-Ashley N.