Age Appropriate Back to School Fashion Outfits for Young Girls…

Happy Fashion Friday young ladies,

I wanted to share some cute but fashionable items that are age appropriate for 11-18 year old girls. Hear me out, I know you like shopping at stores where they have clothing for women that shows off curves and body parts but don’t you want to be respected?

You’re probably thinking, “I’m so turned off by what she’s saying now” no but really, your clothing says a lot before you can even say hello or have a formal conversation with someone, so let’s either reevaluate the items in our closets or rethink items we plan to purchase for the school year.

It’s been brought to my attention that many of you have started school and probably think this couldn’t be useful for you, but in fact it is…Let us look at t-shirts

Shirts with words, messages, pictures and if you can see through them:

-Is it positive?

-Does it give off the wrong message?

-Is what is on my shirt disturbing?

-Can you see my bra?

Now let’s look at outfits:

A great Fall look

Great outfit for high school girls

Dance attire

You can still look cute and dress your age ladies…

We hope you, and maybe parents enjoyed this post as well. We aren’t saying we are experts at styling young girls, but what we’ve shown here are great alternatives and ideas that you can take…

2 thoughts on “Age Appropriate Back to School Fashion Outfits for Young Girls…

  1. Keshawna says:

    I will wear all those outfits on a casual day, when I don’t want to put effort in my look.

    Def adding the sweaters and boots to my fall clothing list.

    Thanks for the ideas and lovely post.

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